Making 2017 the year we become Girl Campers seemed to be the theme of quite a few letters at the first of the year and the Girl Camper Podcast is making it a mission to help in any way we can. On today’s show I am laying out an action plan for overcoming the stumbling blocks that so many heartfelt letters point to.

You don’t need a trailer to be a Girl Camper. Helga’s mini van serves her just fine!

Arizona Sister on the Fly Kelley made a great camp with an inflatable bed and great linens.

Girl Camper Mari camps however she can! Tents, converted van, 10 year old family camper! It’s the places you’ll see and not what you sleep in.

There is so much fun being had by so many that made the leap that it pains me to see those who are stalled in some way. Each person has a reason they cannot join the fun right now and I hope this show helps you find ways to eliminate some of what may seem like obstacles to you.




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