14 Mar

Girl Camper #75 Financing an RV Purchase

On this weeks show my guest Amy Parsons helps us understand the components of financing a travel trailer purchase. Amy is the Finance Manager at Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia. Amy talks about why an RV loan is not like a car loan and what kind of down payment and credit rating you need to get the best interest rates. If you think you need deep pockets or perfect credit rating  to buy a trailer, you will be happy to know that buying and financing a trailer is within most people’s means. 

Amy Parsons is the Finance Manager at Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia. She is pictured here with owner Lynn Butler, who happens to be her mother!


The whole Setzer’s team works to make RV ownership a reality for customers. The service staff hosted a great Camper College event last summer.

In our Campfire Chat on this week’s show I am sharing ideas for foil packet dinners! This great camping meal option has endless possibilities. It’s a great make ahead meal that can be taken out after the camper is set up and warmed to a perfect dinner in minutes. It’s also a great way to use leftovers.


Foil packet dinners are a great campfire favorite. The possibilities are endless.

Two of my  favorite combination of foil packet dinners are below.

Cowboy Stew: After putting a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan, add a layer of fresh green beans, precooked white sliced potatoes or thinly sliced fresh ones and a salisbury steak on top. Season with salt and pepper and seal pouch with an air pocket.

Salmon Steak: Marinade a salmon steak in equal parts of soy sauce and fresh lime juice with fresh chopped garlic. When you place the salmon skin side down in the foil pouch, add a tablespoon of the marinade before sealing the packet. Cook veggies in a separate pouch.



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