Today we are celebrating our 200th podcast episode and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate that than to welcome Girl Boss, Joyce Shulman to the show. Joyce is an attorney, the founder of multiple businesses including Macaroni Kid and 99 Walks, a recent Ted Talk alumna and a constant advocate for women.

I came to know Joyce through our mutual friends at Go RVing. Joyce gave RVing a try and wrote about it on her Macaroni Kid site. She discovered what so many of us already know, that RVing is good for our souls! Nature is also good for our souls, our spirits, our moods, and our health. A walk in nature is an old fashioned recipe for a lot of what ails us and that’s what lead Joyce to found another company, 99 Walks.

Photo courtesy of 99 Walks

Walking can release all kinds of good hormones – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins elevating our moods and helping us adapt a positive outlook. It’s a great way to stay healthier longer because a regular walking habit helps reduce the risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and several types of cancer. Lastly, it’s really good for the brain! Forget the New York Times crossword puzzle! One study showed that regular walking increases executive function, fuels creativity and improves memory.

I got so excited about 99 Walks that I joined, became a fan of the program and its benefits and reached out to Joyce to congratulate her. We had a great time talking about women – all the hats we wear, the energy we put into our families, homes, careers, volunteer projects and how we have never been busier. All that business comes at a cost and that cost is usually us. We tend to take care of everyone else first and put off our own self care. Joyce founded 99 Walks not just to facilitate good mental, emotional and physical health but to form communities with other women, something our mothers enjoyed but today’s women suffer from a lack of.

Learning to Walk in the Rain!

Girl Camper and 99 Walks are partnering to get women out there, walking, talking and sharing while getting in better shape, mentally, physically and emotionally! We’re making a commitment to being better! Click on the link to hear Joyce on the podcast and then join a Girl Camper 99 Walks team near you. There’s a drop down bar front and center on the Girl Camper home page. Walk at your own pace, set your own goals and celebrate your victory each month with a beautiful inspirational piece of jewelry. Everyone joining through Girl Camper will get a special, limited edition bracelet that says, “Going Places, Doing Things!” There’s a coupon code for a discount too!!

Photo courtesy of 99 Walks

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