Forest River R-Pod 177 2014

By Lesa McDermott 

Girl Camper Chapter Guide – South Dakota & Wyoming 

My first camper was a 2005 Starcraft Travel Star Hybrid Toy Hauler. It was a hybrid with fold out tent beds. It was hard to stay warm at night in the mountains and not a great option in bear country, so I sold it.

I knew I wanted an R-Pod, but I couldn’t find any in my price range in my area. So I started looking farther away. I knew from the R-Pod Owners Facebook group that Couch’s RV Nation in Trenton, Ohio tended to sell R-Pods at very good prices. I contacted them and asked about used R-Pods and was told they rarely took in used campers but they’d keep my name in case one came in. About a month later I got a call that they had a used 177 and did I want it?  Two days later, my dog Bandit and I made the 1,250-mile journey to get it. 

I love the cool look of tear drops and the 177 R-Pod model was something I could tow with my Jeep Rubicon, especially with a WDH (weight distribution hitch) that has built-in sway control. It has a dry weight of 2,418 pounds. It also has a ton of room and storage, a small kitchen and a wet bath. I also liked that the dinette could fold down into a second bed so I would have room for a friend to go camping with me. 

When I am in my camper, it is my happy place. It’s full of color. I camp a lot with girlfriends. But occasionally my husband comes, too. Luckily he is not bothered by the design and loves it as much as I do. My dog Bandit is a constant companion. Occasionally my mini golden doodle Zoey comes, too. If I’m hanging out at home in my camper, Finley and Jibber, our cats, love being in it too. 

My R-Pod didn’t originally look like the way it does now. It was still in its original factory condition when I got it. As an owner of a construction company, I have a hard time leaving things as is and factory brown is not my color. I replaced the flooring and countertop, painted the walls, put a metal backsplash in the slide-out area, reupholstered the cushions, the slide-out/door trim, and the window valances and replaced the cooktop with a recessed version. Mechanically I upgraded it to be solar compatible with and installed a Lion Energy Lithium Battery. 

On the exterior I removed all the factory decals and using a Cricut machine and $40 of outdoor vinyl, made all the flowers and birds. I use command hooks to hang the faux flower window baskets and had a custom awning made. I christened my R-Pod the “Birdcage.” In a world full of color, why blend in? 


  • Bathroom
  • Queen size bed
  • Lion Energy lithium battery
  • Lots of storage
  • Dinette converts into a 2nd bed

Why I Love My RV

  • All the color inside and out
  • It invites people to stop by my camper and ask about it
  • It makes people smile
  • Just the right size for a girl and her dog (and occasional husband)
  • It’s easy to tow and backup

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