In celebration of 100 episodes of travel inspiration I could think of no better guest than my own Aunt Sue! My Aunt, Suzanne Saunders to the rest of the world, is an 81 year old continent hopping, mountain climbing, adventure seeking, parachute jumping, wonder woman who has inspired me to go places and do things. She has solo traveled the US multiple times in her Class C RV.

Suzanne’s 80th birthday portrait. Like her it’s casual,  chic and a little sassy!

On the Rio Grande, Big Bend, Texas.

She has been to over 70 countries so far and has no plans to stop. She is not one for big city travel to famous European locations but prefers small travel groups and immersion experiences. Her favorite travel agency for far out vacations is OAT, Overseas Adventure Travel. With this group she has traveled to Mongolia and slept in a Yurt with local sheep herders. She has also traveled to all of the “stans” – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Her coming travels include a trip to Sri Lanka and southern India.

Catching a 21″ German brown trout on the Green River in Wyoming.

She was first on the podcast on episode 38 which generated more mail than any show to date. Women all over with wanderlust wrote in with questions for my Aunt and I put them to her in this 100th episode show.

Suzanne in Myanmar.

Galapagos—in shell of giant land turtle!

“With golden eagle in Mongolia—it’s on my arm!” 2010.

Aunt Sue and I are planning an epic adventure in 2019. I’m letting her pick the location and I’m going along for the ride. I just hope I can keep up!



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