12 Sep

Girl Camper: Episode 101 My Top Ten Reasons to Go RVing

On this weeks show I am talking about my top ten reasons for choosing RVing as my favorite mode of travel. As I pondered my reasons I actually had to cut it down to ten. There seem to be so many advantages to owning an RV but here are my top ten.

  1. You can go where you want. What interests you? Fiber arts? Railroad history? There are museums and fairs and towns that celebrate what you’re interested in. In an RV you can travel there at your leisure, in comfort and make all the stops you want along the way.

    Traveling to Yellowstone allowed us to stop at so many places along the way.

  2. Budget Friendly. RV travel allows you to travel as your personal means and style allows. You can stay in state parks over resort RV’s. You can make your own meals and save on restaurants. You can travel longer and farther on the same amount of money others spend on one nights travel.

    I paid $11 to camp at Badlands National Park in South Dakota! Yes, I said $11!!!

  3. Pet Friendly. RV travel allows you to travel with your fur family. You save the expense of kennels and  you don’t have to worry about how long you are gone or how your pet is being treated when he’s away from you.
  4. Nature is a tonic.  Being able to  spend time in nature has a healing effect on the senses. Sitting around a campfire watching the stars and being disconnected from wifi allows you to decompress in a way that hotel vacations don’t.

    Road side picnic stops are my favorite restaurant when traveling.

  5. Visit family and friends. So often we really want to visit those special people in our lives but when we fly over them all the time we never quite make it. Having an RV allows you to visit your roommate from college or your best man and they don’t even have to make up the guest room.

    I got to stop and visit my buddy Mad Dog Grundy at her home in Montana. She just qualified for the International Weight Lifters competition in Moscow! Not bad for 48!

  6. Food. RV travel allows you to control the menu. If you are on a restricted diet or are watching  your waist line  there’s no problem because you are traveling with your own kitchen. You are able to pull over and have last nights leftovers. You don’t have to wait in long lines and overpay for food you don’t even like.  If you deal with food allergies you can control what you are eating.

    I travel with a Dometic refrigerated cooler that lets me have what I want for lunch, when I want it and best of all, where I want it.

  7. Quality time. Road trips give you time to connect. There’s a simple pleasure in following your path on an old fashioned road map on your lap and discussing the upcoming towns, marked historical sites and possible stops ahead. It gives  you the chance to indulge in togetherness without laptops, books or televisions to compete with.

    Road trips give my husband and I a chance to explore new places without phones, televisions or laptops detracting us.

  8. People Friendly. It would be hard to find a group of people more willing to share their experience, knowledge and tips for RVing than those you meet at a campground and the active online community of RVers.  Whether it’s a restaurant recommendation or a tip for keeping your RV running smoothly, fellow RVers are a great source of information and inspiration.
  9. You are always home.  As  much fun as it is to tour your favorite historic sites and National Parks when the day is over it is great to come home to your home away from home. You can relax in your trailer,  sleep on your own sheets and clean up in your own bathroom. As they say, there’s no place like home. When you travel with an RV, you are always home.

    It’s great to come home to my home away from home when I’m done touring for the day!

  10. Backroads America. Traveling the two lane highways of America allows you to get away from strip malls, chain restaurants and toll booths. It also allows you to see where and how other people live. Stopping in a small mom and pop diner and meeting the owners and hearing their story allows us to look at our fellow citizens in a different light. We become less red state and blue state people and more friends in different parts of the country.


2 thoughts on “Girl Camper: Episode 101 My Top Ten Reasons to Go RVing

  1. Hi Janine,
    I just wanted to say thank you for inspiration to go camping, my husband and I and our 3 dogs did our first trip in our new riverside retro. I love your podcast and also Stephanie and Jeremy.
    Thank you
    Lauren Miller

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