On this week’s show I’m talking about DIY projects for your RV. Whether you own a newer model RV that you would like to personalize or a vintage trailer that you want to refresh, there are simple and inexpensive ways to make your home away from home cozy and inviting. Here are a few of my favorite projects.

WALLS – You can bring light and a sense of space to your trailer by wallpapering, painting or using vinyl cut outs.

I love this British caravan from Pinterest with the floral wallet and painted cabinetry.

This photo was taken many years ago when NJ Monthly Magazine did an article on me. I’m hanging out in my 1959 Field and Stream which I wallpapered with my leftover bedroom wallpaper.

Another detail of the Pinterest caravan that I love is the added real house furniture. If you go this route you must make sure you’re keeping the weight even on both sides.

Vinyl cut decals are a great way to add interest. I get mine from my Instagram friend Brittany at Wordsandsuch.

Quilter Kaye England’s painted trailer is a favorite of mine. The deep color adds so much warmth.

This is my 1966 Go Tag Along. I used garden burlap on the walls in the bed berth. I applied it with store bought wallpaper glue (very messy) and painted over it when it was dry.

WINDOW TREATMENTS- A simple way to add a personal feel to your trailer is to change the window treatments. If the trailer is newer chances are it came with a cornice covered with an industrial styled fabric of brown swooshes with mini blinds behind it!! We can do better than that!

Jennifer Megliore who owns Artware in Hilton Head, South Carolina and uses her vintage trailer as a pop up shop as well as a camping trailer used reproduction state map tea towels as curtains in her trailer.

Last year in my spring clean I took down the mini blinds and added matchstick blinds to my Riverside Retro, the St. George.

Sister on the Fly Carol Thompson cut down thrift store curtains for her 1963 Cardinal. It’s easiest to cut from the top and put in a new rod pocket. Saves a lot of hemming!

I love that sister on the Fly Debra Facer kept the curtains that came in her reproduction Shasta but embellished them with bright red ball fringe.

MESSAGE BOARDS – Adding a DIY message board is a good afternoon project that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Chances are you probably have all you need to make one in your house. An old cookie sheet, a painted tray or a few Dollar Store metal serving trays can become great message boards. I hang mine with 3M Command strips.

I couldn’t resist this metal board found on a trip. I applied it to my RV fridge with Command strips by 3M.

This Pinterest photo has some great cookie sheet ideas. Cover with your favorite scrap book paper to match your trailer.

I bought this metal map of the US and all the state magnets on vacation last summer for $180! Big splurge! It’s on Amazon from several different sellers for around $80. Don’t tell my husband.

I made the mini message board by the front door for notes and as a place to keep my fishing licenses and the spice racks by the stove from Dollar Store trays. I put them on with Command strips and in the 8k miles I drove in 10 weeks they didn’t budge!

CABINETS – Changing your trailer cabinets can help get rid of the cookie cutter look of most new RV’s and create a more “home” vibe. I painted the cabinets in almost every vintage trailer I’ve ever owned. New hardware also adds a personal touch.

Older trailers with brown cabinets and original hardware are easily freshened up with paint and new handles.

I haven’t done it yet but I want to paint the base cabinets in my Riverside Retro trailer. I love the cozy birch wood but it’s almost too much of a good thing. I haven’t decided on a color yet though. I did switch out the sink cabinet handles.

BATHROOM UPGRADES – I recently ordered a teak bath mat for my Max wet bath. It will sit away from the drain an inch or two and allow me to drop the towel without getting it all wet. I also think I will love the warmth it adds to an all white bathroom. Another plus in wet bath design is a bunch of spring rods to hang towels, shower curtains and when doubled one in front of the other as a handy shelf for shampoo and conditioner.

This photo from the Airstream forum shows a mat similar to what I ordered for the Max wet bath.

I couldn’t resist sharing this Pinterest photo of an Airstream makeovers new bathroom. Check out the teak  floor, bench and penny tile! Swoon!

Lastly the spring rod curtain rods that hold my towels in Max. Inexpensive and effective!



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