31 Oct

Girl Camper: Episode 108 Personal Safety for Girl Campers with Holly Boros

My guest today is a returning one, Holly Boros, personal safety expert and NRA Firearms and Safety Instructor. Holly was a guest on the show way back when on episode number 28 where we chatted about some strategies for personal safety in daily life and on the road. We are taking up that subject again today because…as my Mom is fond of saying, “You can’t be too careful.” Often women who travel alone and in groups ask the question of whether it is safe to sleep over night in a rest stop, at a Walmart parking lot or in an obscure place where they are unlikely to be seen. Holly brings her experience as an Army brat, military wife, solo woman traveler and safety expert to the podcast.

Holly Boros solo travels in her own Girl Camper as well as with her husband in their larger family trailer.

Holly discusses personal safety on a daily basis and defines “white alert” – a state of awareness of your surroundings at all times. She shares the posture, attitude and air we should possess when shopping, going to our cars and in our daily errands. She includes safety tips for getting from the store,  back into your car.

  • Have keys out and in hand.
  • Walk to car using the center  of the parking lot aisle.
  • Pass your car and look between your car and the car next to it to make sure no one is there before going to drivers side door.
  • Unlock the drivers side door only with one press of the key fob.
  • Immediately lock the door and drive away.
  • Do not sit in the car and check email or make phone calls.

Holly also shares her tips for resting on the road during long trips, using rest areas, and staying safe while traveling solo.

Save the date!! Waxahachie, Texas!

One thought on “Girl Camper: Episode 108 Personal Safety for Girl Campers with Holly Boros

  1. Thank you for this interview and information. It did scare me! Maybe I missed it, but it sounded like there wasn’t a good option for staying the night somewhere, especially close to a highway. Even a motel is scary as you mentioned. About 15 years ago, a boyfriend and I stayed the night in my car at a rest stop. I actually felt safe as throughout the night, the place filled up with other people doing the same. Maybe things have changed in the last 15 years?! I’m a single lady looking to do some traveling and starting the trailer research. What’s the best way to plan for a night somewhere on the road? For pit stops, I look for Starbucks or big travel centers ideally, but I don’t spend the night there! Thank you. I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcasts.

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