11 Apr

Girl Camper: Episode #79 Mike Harlan RV Industry Insider Answers Listeners Questions

On this week’s show Mike Harlan, Airstream Manager at  North Trail RV of South Florida answers podcast listeners questions. Mike is an industry insider who has worked in sales, service and manufacturing. I asked podcast listeners for their questions and Mike was game to answer and very candid. He had so much to say that this is part one of the two part interview.

Mike was instrumental in helping me start Camper College when he was the GM at Haydocy Airstream in Columbus, Ohio.

Girl Campers sent in their questions ahead of time on the Girl Camper Podcast Facebook page. Most of the questions had to do with dealerships and service. Mike gave insiders insight into the how’s and why’s of dealership decision making.

Airstream of North Trail is one of the Top Five Airstream dealers in the country.

In the Campfire Chat I am talking about my fool proof fire starting method! Tinder, kindling and fuel wood make for a perfect fire but it’s the stacking method that’s key! Teepee versus log cabin? Tune in to hear which is superior!

Cutting my own kindling is a favorite camping task. I got lucky last week when my site had a built in chopping block.

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