11 Jul

Girl Camper: Episode 92 The Little Guy Max

On today’s show Joe Kicos, co-owner of Liberty Outdoors,  talks about the new Max trailer. The Max is a new product by Little Guy, a brand within Liberty Outdoors.

Every detail was so well thought out on this trailer. Here the lighted entry handle and step can be seen at night.

It is the trailer I debuted here yesterday and that I am traveling in on my National Parks Tour. Also joining us on the show is Anthony Chiera, Director of Sales  for Liberty to talk about the details of this trailer. Anthony has watched this trailer go from drawing board to reality and he takes us through the features step by step.

I was so happy to discover this divider tray in the silverware drawer. I have had to come up with some pretty creative solutions to maximize the space available in some of my past trailers.

The cabinetry is all solid wood with quality hardware but most importantly, it is plentiful! I packed the trailer for two people for a four week trip and didn’t need to use the available space underneath the booth seats.

When the stove is not in use a glass cover that doubles as a cutting surface conceals it and allows for more food prep space.

I love the added storage shelf over the refrigerator. I am storing my campfire lap robes there.

The awning has built in LED lighting and is a standard feature.

The Max trailer is performing well so far and I have only one complaint – the people knocking on my door at each campground asking for a brochure!

4 thoughts on “Girl Camper: Episode 92 The Little Guy Max

  1. Love this camper! I do believe it is what I want to get back into camping (since my husband died 13+ years ago). I’ve camped with family depending on them to go when they go but I want to go when I want to go… LOL!

    • Hi Kathy, I understand. The Girl Camping movement is full of single women, married women, widows and adventerous souls who all help each other. That is what my podcast is all about. Helping women to find the courage to go it alone if they want to. I am driving to Yellowstone right now. My friend Mary is behind me in her trailer. There is always someone to roam with and even when there isn’t, the Girl Campers are a text away. This is a great trailer for a single woman on the road. I am enjoying it so much. Let me know if you see one at a dealer. thanks for writing kathy!

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