Girl Camper: My Favorite Cold Weather Hot Drinks

Oh the weather outside is frightful and I’m breaking out my favorite cold weather, hot drinks! I love spring and fall camping when it’s still chilly and a warm drink around the campfire is a necessity. During our last snowstorm had a few days at home to rank our very favorites between episodes of shoveling! Here they are!

The Classic Hot Toddy! 

Fresh squeezed  lemon juice

Honey Whiskey

Heaping tablespoon of honey

Tea Bag optional

My recipe is with boiling water, a heaping tablespoon of local honey, 1/3 of a lemon squeezed in the mug and a dose of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. Some people use a tea bag of their favorite blend. When we were kids and suffering from sore throats my mom made this with the tiniest bit of whiskey and a pat of butter floating on top!

Hot Milk and Honey with Orange

Organic Whole Milk

Local Honey

Orange Slices

Optional Brandy

Heat Milk in the microwave or on the stovetop and add honey and a squeeze of fresh orange. Preheat the mug by filling it with hot water and letting it sit while the milk and honey warm. Dump the water and add it to the mug. You can float an orange slice and add a splash of brandy too. I like to stir mine with a honey spoon!

S’mores Hot Chocolate and Kahlua

Store bought instant hot chocolate

Chocolate syrup

Graham crackers (crushed)

Miniature marshmallows (toasted)

Kahlua or coffee liquore

Cover a cookie sheet with foil and spray it with non stick spray. Make little piles of marshmallows and put them under the broiler for a few minutes. Watch them closely. Pour some chocolate syrup in a saucer and dip the mug rim in the chocolate and then in the crushed graham crackers. Make the instant hot chocolate with organic milk and add a dash of coffee liquor. Place the toasted marshmallow on top and drizzle with chocolate syrup and sprinkle the crushed graham crackers on top of that!

Hot Milk with Cinnamon and Sugar

Whole Organic Milk



Whipped Cream

Cinnamon stick

Optional Brandy

Warm the milk in the microwave in a large measuring cup and then add two teaspoons of sugar and cinnamon powder to taste. If you add the cinnamon to the cold milk it clumps and floats to the top. Stir into warm milk until it’s dissolved. Pour in mug, add whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and garnish with a cinnamon stick.


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