I feel blessed to live in the metro area of Dallas / Ft. Worth. My life has been enlarged by being near an area where so many Girl Campers live. 

The relationships I have made with these salts-of-the-earth women are here to stay!  I’ve been lucky enough to organize monthly dinners, and be involved in movie night, painting, checking out wineries, plays and other fun stuff.  

I did not expect at age 61 to be adding friends to my life, but that’s what has happened.  We have supported each other through cancer, disease, divorce and death.  Last November I fell in a campground flat on my back! There I was lying on the cold ground in my Unicorn Pajamas, and within minutes the Camper Girls surrounded me. The next thing I knew I was in my camper with ice, heating pad, numerous pain killers to choose from, and all the love of my friends helping me!  The following morning, I was still hurting, and everyone helped pack me up, hooked me up and tied up my Kayak on the car.  WOW! 

We plan camping trips and try to meet each other prior, so when it is time for the trip, we know each other and have built relationships before leaving.

A great way to travel is caravanning to an event; pick a place and time, where everyone can pull in a parking lot.  It feels safer in numbers while towing, and if there is a break down there is emotional support. 

If you want to meet other Camper Girls in your area, even if you’re in the country, it can be done and it’s worth the effort. 

Start small with a potluck or a restaurant near-by and watch your friend list grow.  Remember campers are the friendliest around! 

DFW keep an eye out for a Dinner near you!

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