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Introducing Max by Little Guy

I have been promising and here it is – Max by Little Guy, a Liberty Outdoors brand. Little Guy trailers has long been a sponsor of the Girl Camper Podcast so when they asked me to road test their new “Max” trailer on my four week National Parks Tour I didn’t hesitate. I had been getting regular factory updates on the progress of Max along the way but when I drove to the factory to get him I was immediately impressed by the quality of workmanship and thoughtful design that went into this maxed out teardrop.

i love the profile of this trailer and I have already pulled it a thousand miles and can report that it tows like a dream.


The brightness and airflow in this trailer drew me right in. Wherever you stand there is a view!


Since I work on the road I love that when I am stuck working I have this sweet view as well as a USB in every plug!


This is the most storage I have ever had in a trailer. All of the cabinets are hardwood, custom made with dovetailed construction. I have the trailer packed for a four week trip and didn’t even put anything under the booth seats.

The neutral color pallette makes this trailer a blank canvas for anyway you want to go with the design. I chose simple and contemplative which suits this soothing space. The depth of the kitchen sink was a great bonus!

I love the beehive door and the sliding screen that pulls across it and then hides when not in use. There is a air and a view from wherever I am working.

Every window in the trailer is as large as they could make it and contains a pull down screen for when the window is open and a pull up shade when you want privacy. At night I have been leaving the windows open a few inches and drawing the screen 2/3 of the way up and the screen 1/3 of the way down for air and privacy!

This bright front window with the two large side windows that all open and create airflow and a great view is a feature reminiscent of the old school trailers where all the windows opened up front. This booth folds down and makes a comfortable single bed.

I keep referring to this as the “wall unit” in the Master Bedroom. I am looking forward to the option of watching a movie on a rain day or in the evening. The built in DVD player and surround sound controls are on a panel near the door. The DVD player will operate on either the Master Bedroom television or the one at the front booth that is hidden under a retractable door.

The bathroom is a large wet bath with room to move around. It also features a higher profile commode than the normal style.


I have been traveling for nearly a week in this trailer and am so impressed with not only the quality of the construction but with the thought that went into the design. I see a lot of trailers at RV shows, industry events and on Girl Camping trips. There are good companies out there making high quality trailers.  When I am at the big RV shows where all the new trailers are being displayed I often view them and think,  “Why didn’t they make this window operable? Why is there so little storage? Why is there not a place to hang coats and store food?” What impresses me the most so far in this trailer is that it is well built and well designed. Apparently that is not too much to ask for.I will be blogging about this trailer on my own site and the Little Guy site as well as posting my trip on Instagram. Follow along as I road test what so far has been a pleasure of a trailer.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this trailer is absolutely stunning! When I first started listening to you over a year ago, I remember you talked about how manufacturers weren’t paying attention to “what girl campers need.” Could Little Guy have created the solution? I am in love! Those windows, the finishes, the thoughtful details … it goes on and on. Thank you for all the pictures!

  2. I’ve watched this campers since they were introduced well over a decade ago as a @TAB. Not much has changed except for the manufacturer. Well, it’s obvious that the quality and floorplan has changed dramatically. Loved ALL of the windows! When it was @TAB, there were only 3 windows I believe, and none front or rear! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the HUGE bright, airy front and rear windows. And I’m sorry to those who say having an onboard bathroom isn’t camping, but walking to an outhouse in the middle of the night, in pouring rain makes you appreciate an onboard bathroom each and EVERY TIME!
    Can’t wait to ready more of your blog, thanks!

  3. That’s an amazing trailer! I can’t believe how spacious it is on the inside even though it looks so small on the outside! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and description.

    • Its 21′ feet in length from bumper to tongue and has an interior height of 6’7″. The weight is 2900 pounds and the MSRP is 29,999.

  4. This looks pretty darn cute and looks like it has it all, I will have to see one in person to believe it. I have some un-answered questions about it, who shall I direct them too? Mig WHitt

    • Hi Mig! Hope your feet have healed from your extraordinary PCT adventure! You can check on the Little Guy website (www.golittleguy.com) or join the Little Guy Max Facebook page and post your questions where the corporate staff can answer them. Happy trails, Janine

  5. It’s just stunning! I love the cabinets and placement of, well, everything! The only thing I can see I would change would be to offer a bed/dinette that could be a full size bed in the front so four people could sit there/two could sleep.
    It’s really hard to find a lightweight trailer that can sleep four people that is this well appointed and beautiful. I love the screen door and the windows, it makes it feel big and open.

  6. I can’t find any information on this particular model. Can you point me in the right direction please. Thank you and nice trailer.

    • Hi Peggy, This is their newest and largest model and will be shipping by the end of the month. Check out Little Guy Max Facebook page to stay in the loop! Happy trails, Janine

  7. Little Guy has a winner in this design. There is no wasted space, a dedicated bedroom, and oh my the windows that open. Wow! Definitely looking forward to seeing this in person once they’re available.

  8. What are the specs – basically can a guy 6’1″ stand up or lay down on the bed. LOL Thought My husband would cut his feet off when he found out he was too tall for the Tab….

    • I understand Carolyn because my Mr.Sister is 6’2″. The interior height of this trailer is 6’7″ and the bed is a standard Queen which is 60 x 80. Most manufacturers put an RV queen in trailers which is 60 x 70.

  9. I love everything I see about this camper! And I very rarely like new campers. All right, this is only the second. Please, please, please say it is affordable!!!!

    • Hello, It is a great trailer for everyone but I think especially for those of us who love vintage trailers but not all the worry and repairs. It is priced very well for what it is – an incredibly well built trailer that you will own for thirty years and your grandkids will all want. The MSRP is 29,999 and dealers will set their own price on it. I would watch the upcoming RV shows for the best prices on this one.

  10. Please tell me, can this be pulled by my 2013 Ford Edge SUV? Does the back end drag on the ground on high places? Or,backing into a driveway? May I order solar panels? Does it have an Aldi? Is A/C noisy?

    • Hi Barbara, The trailer weighs 2900 pounds so you would have to go on the RVSEF website and check out the towing capacity of your car and make that determination yourself. They have a link to the tow capacity of all cars. The back end is low and did scrape my driveway when I was backing in. Have not had trouble on the road with that though. You can order the solar panels and have them factory installed. I am using them now and am really glad I have them as we have been boondocking in our beautiful National Parks. It does not have the Aldi system. It has a six gallon quick recovery hot water heater and a wall thermostat that controls the heat and air conditioning. The AC is not as noisy as the one in my Riverside Retro which you literally have to shout over. This is the normal noisy air conditioner. Check out the Little Guy Max Facebook page to stay in the loop. Happy trails, Janine

  11. I have a Tab and love it but this floor plan is excellent. When does this come out. I haven’t seen any advertised. This is everything a girl (and her dogs) need. My Tab has much smaller windows and only two open. I also really like the Master bedroom set up. Can’t wait to see these.

    • Hi Sammi, They are coming out at the end of the month. I really think the windows are my favorite thing! Well, the windows and the pot and pan drawer! There is so much air and light! Little Guy Max has a FAcebook page now so stay tuned for details.

  12. Absolutely love the layout. Wonder how much it weighs and if it comes in an outback package?? Yes ~ I want it all!!

    • Hi – the trailer has a dry weight of 2900 pounds. Not sure if they are doing an outback version though. Check with headquarters on that! LOL

    • It is priced well in its category. It is built to a high standard and is a trailer your grandchildren will be fighting over.

  13. As I’m looking at these pictures and reading the post, I’m yelling “I LOVE THIS TRAILER!” I have been wanting one with tons of windows and only found them in Airstream but Max is so open and stunning. Love it so much!

    • In a manner of speaking. It’s the first one on the road and I am testing it for Liberty Outdoors. The model is the Max by Little Guy and will be shipping soon. Keep checking the Little Guy website for updates.

  14. Very impressive. Love the windows. Does it have the Alde heating system? Is it available at dealers? Blessings on your adventure this summer!

    • Hi Sally, It does not have the Aldi system. It has a 6 gallon quick recovery hot water heater and a thermostat control for heat and air conditioning on the wall. Super user friendly. They will be shipping to dealers by the end of the month and will be at all the RV shows this coming season. Check the Little Guy site for updates. I am so enjoying my adventure and thank you for your blessings!!

  15. This may be the trailer we’re looking for when we retire! Can you give us some weights? Dry, tongue, gross vehicle? thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer, I think you may have gotten most of these questions answered on the Little Guy Max Facebook page. Let me know through Facebook though if you still have questions. Happy trails, Janine

    • Yes Brent. NuCamp based their 400 on the European version of the larger Tab trailers. This is the Little Guy version of the European larger Tab.

    • I think it’s a great trailer for anyone but especially for solo women travelers and full timers who want to keep it light. There is just so much storage.

  16. We have the 2016 little guy T@G max, which we love, but someday want to upgrade…I think this is the one!! It’s fantastic, and since it’s built by Little Guy, I trust the quality is the same as our T@G! Super excited to see it in person someday!!

    • I can assure you that the Max has been built to a very high standard. I appreciate all the thoughtful design that went into this trailer but also the trust Liberty Outdoors put in me to road test it and come back and tell them how they could make it even better. I’ve actually only found a few suggestions so far!

  17. WOW…I LOVE the windows, airflow, dedicated bed & dinette, 3-way fridge, and thoughtful storage in this Little Guy Max (LGM). I have been a life time tent girl dreaming of a trailer of her own since spending time my Grandparents in their little trailers (over 40 years ago). I have been seriously researching trailers for the past year and have found the options predominately dark, brown, & discouraging. As a result I keep coming back to only 2 or 3 manufactures (based in America anyway) Airstream (clean & bright-expensive), T@B S Max (efficient, opt’l windows, -small fridge-no sep sleep & dining), and Oliver (clean, bright-expensive-&-FAR). The LGM just may be the ONE that helps me pull the trigger and get GONE. I look forward to finding one to walk through and to your continued LGM experience posts. Thank you Janine for your always insightful information on the industry and lifestyle, it has helped to inform my purchase decision. Happy Trails 😉

    • Hi Darcie, Thank you so much. I understand your dilemma. Finding something with enough storage and light has been an issue for me. I also love a lot of airflow in a trailer. I think I found that here!! I’m so happy with this trailer so far that I am seriously considering letting go of my St. George trailer. I hope you get to see this in person soon. Happy trails, Janine

  18. The new Max design is a size and spaciousness I’ve hoped to find…your photos and comments really make it sound impressive! But….I can’t find information on where they’re sold or the price. Will they be available soon? And what will the price point be?

    • Hi Lona, They will be shipping within the month and the MSRP on this trailer will be 29,999. Dealers are free to set their own price so shop around for competitive pricing. There is now a Little Guy Max Facebook page and you can also keep up with the latest at http://www.golittleguy.com. Thanks, Janine

  19. I’m completely in love with this one. I’m originally from Germany and often mourn the fact that I can’t just bring a camper from Germany over here…..they are just so much better appointed and designed….and now I see this little gem. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! I’m currently selling my 2015 Whitewater Retro 181B (apparently a very rare floor plan, as I can’t find another one listed, anywhere)…and I would absolutely have a chance to own one of these little beauties. Do you have any idea on how we can get on a list to buy one? I would love to be able to post pictures to my friends and family in Germany and show them that there is at least ONE company in America that knows how to design a good trailer.
    I so enjoy your podcast, Janine…and hope to cross paths with you, someday.

    • Hello Ina, thanks for writing. I love this trailer too. I think it’s so well designed. The Little Guy site will soon have a list of dealers that will be carrying this trailer. Let me know where you live and I can point you to the one nearest to you. PS it is my dream to camp in Germany. My mothers father was from Germany and my good friend has family there. Her cousin has offered to take us camping there. Thanks for listening to the podcast and please stay in touch with me about this trailer. I am anxious to hear the feedback of others once they see it in person. Happy trails, Janine

  20. Thanks for the information…I’m new to Girl Camper and enjoy hearing about trips and learning about camping…I”ve only back packed but am hoping to explore in more comfort than a ground cloth, thinsilite pad, and sleeping bag!

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