There are so many places I want to camp in and foreign countries make that list as well. When I see pictures of New Zealand I always imagine myself there. My sister lived there at one time and I have many friends who have traveled there on vacations but not to camp. On this week’s podcast I interview world traveler Jackie Gishbaugher about her recent trek to New Zealand for a van camping tour of the lush island. Jackie and her partner Nate are taking a gap year to explore the continents and New Zealand is best explored on four wheels. Jackie and Nate share their experience as well as trip planning and camper van rental advice for camping in New Zealand.

Jackie writes a blog, A Gish Out of Water, all about her and Nate’s adventures abroad. Nate also does a podcast, Oyster World Radio which can be found on ITunes and other Podcast outlets.

Jackie and Nate rented an economy van from Rockets in New Zealand.

Jackie in New Zealand.




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