I recently attended the Florida RV Show to check out the Keystone fifth wheels for a seasonal site. I rented this site to spend more time with family and friends and less time packing, unpacking and towing. Keystone offered to lease me a model to test out. At the top of my list is this Keystone Bullet 330BKQ. 

What does BKQ stand for?

The BKQ stands for bunk house quad and this bunk has flexibility that I think would serve me well for the many ways I hope to use it. First off, the floor space in it is large. The right-side bunk is on a slide so when the slide is out, that floor space allows guests to move around with ease which is not the case in all bunkhouse models.

There is a top bunk on the slide that folds up and out of the way when it is not being used and beneath that fold away bunk/storage shelf, are two gaming/tv chairs that fold out to a queen-sized bed. There is storage on the opposite wall with another queen bed on top of that. It’s got two large windows, a built-in step ladder to the loft queen, a half bath, and a private door to the outside. It really feels more like a guest suite than just a room with extra beds. 

The Living Area

The living area in this Keystone Bullet 330BKQ model would work well for those camping with a crowd of family or friends. You have the option of a three-seat sofa which is more sleeping space as well. Theater seating is available, but I like that Keystone offers the choice. Another choice is available with the booth. Buyers can opt for the built-in dinette or a free-standing table with four chairs. I like the booth because they just make sense for kids who stand up on furniture and drop food everywhere. They are just easier to clean.

A stationary booth seat is the ‘safest’ choice when small kids are involved. We’re also big on Scrabble marathons and card nights so a booth works well for my family. The kitchen island is a big plus for me too. Anyone who entertains knows that an island keeps counters clear, doubles as a serving bar and adds a pile of extra storage. 

Check out that main bath and primary bedroom!

The main bath in this floorplan is a pass through from the living area to the main bedroom allowing for a large corner shower with skylight for natural light. The primary bedroom has a queen bed and tons of storage. This bedroom even has a laundry chute that dumps dirty clothes to the outside storage underneath the RV. I love that.

Of all the units I have toured so far, the outdoor kitchen on the Bullet is the best with a pull-out griddle, mini refrigerator and a sink for washing up outside. This unit is ticking off tons of things on my wish list. Even though I don’t intend to tow mine, I love that at 37’ long with all this interior real estate, it only weighs 8,225 pounds. This has a great price point, sleeps a lot of people, has great community space with the entertainment center and fireplace and the outdoor space and storage is spot on. It’s going to be so hard to choose…..

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