by Janine Pettit

A few months ago, I had an epiphany about the way I camp. For years I have been rolling out each summer on adventures grand and small and loving every moment of that life. I had a major shift in my adventuring spirit though when I was blessed with three grandchildren in 20 months’ time. Last fall I took our first grandchild camping with her parents in my Keystone Hideout and enjoyed it more than I can even say. The wonder in small children as they explore nature should be something we could bottle and swig when we need a lift. I want more of that in my life, so I am getting a larger unit and going seasonal. My friends at Keystone offered to hook me up with a leased model to test out with them and I headed to the Florida RV Show to view them in person. 

I first saw this Sprinter 381QBS at the Tampa show a year earlier and visions of ‘camp’ ran through my head. This quad bunk brought back memories of the summer camp my son attended, and the bunk rooms packed with happy kids. Coming from a large family I really appreciated the sleeping real estate in this bunk room. Four queens sized beds can sleep 12 little kids – imagine the cousin campouts… Another appealing thing about this unique floor plan is that the parents can sleep comfortably with the kids.  I can’t tell you the number of times we squeezed our kids into bunk beds with us just so we could be with the family and not down the road in a hotel. Each of these bunks has its own lighting so someone can stay up and read while others sleep. It would be so much fun to add old fashioned sleeper car curtains to each berth so the kids could have their own hideout. The large storage cabinets, windows, airflow, half bath and separate entrance all make this RV go straight to the top of my list, but the living area is just as praiseworthy. 

The long slide out has an optional full-length super sofa which would be the way I would go since we love movie nights and usually eat outside when camping. The sofa can sleep two more people as well. If I missed the table, I could set up the portable one or use the large island for kitchen prep and meals by adding two foldable stools. I love that there is a slide on both sides which gives extra floor space which is essential with babies and all the gear they require. The pantry is also huge in this model, and I can imagine it housing not only the Instapot but baskets of toys as well. The primary bedroom in this model has so much closet space, a built-in dresser, and a king sized bed – great for when grandkids want to snuggle with grandma. Added value is the huge bathroom with tons of storage and natural light. This unit checks a lot of boxes for what I want in a family RV and it’s at the top of my list. Find out more at

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