Did you know that a campground is a great place for non RV owners to learn about camping? Did you know that they are also a great place to host an event? Hip Homeschool Moms, Trish Corlew and Wendy Hilton recently took their followers on one of their Homeschool Road Trips to explore the World’s Longest Cave System at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Rather than the usual hotel arrangement they’ve used in the past for their HEART (Homeschool Enrichment Adventure Road Trips) trips, they chose Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park and Camp Resort near Mammoth Cave for their event.

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photo courtesy of NationalParks.gov

On today’s show Hip Homeschool co-owner Wendy Hilton shares the experience her HEART group had on their trip to Mammoth Cave. They explored the caves and learned hands on about the geology and history of the World’s Largest Cave system which became a National Park in 1941. There are over 400 miles of explored caves at the Park  including Crystal Onyx Cave, the Lost River Cave and the Diamond Caverns. In addition to the caves visitors can enjoy the American Cave Museum, The Corvette Museum which made headlines several years ago when a sink hole swallowed up eight collector Corvettes and The Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum. The HEART participants got to take in all of the sites and return each evening to compare notes with their fellow homeschool families all staying at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Mammoth Cave. 

Photo courtesy of Jellystone Parks

Campgrounds like Jellystone are a great place for non RVers to experience camping without renting an RV or buying any camping equipment. They are also a great place to host reunions, family gatherings, youth group conferences and group vacations. Jellystone offers many different cabin accommodations from simple cabins for two – four people to deluxe cabins with full kitchens, bathrooms and common living space to enjoy.

There are many benefits for any group hosting a big event at a campground like Jelllystone:

  • No need to rent an RV or even know how to camp
  • Choose a cabin that fits your needs
  • Control the budget by preparing your own meals
  • Be part of the community but have a space of your own
  • Bring your own linens and blankets and feel at home
  • Enjoy all the activities at the park without having to leave the grounds
  • Large gathering areas for group events
  • Seasoned RVers and those new to camping can attend together

While looking at the Jellystone site I realized that this park is not just for kids. Although it is geared toward family fun I thought it would make a great place to host a Girl Camper event. It looks like the perfect place to camp in September when the kids have gone back to school.  I imagined a weekday trip where we could get our cardio in on the bouncy pillow, paddle the lake, and enjoy the water slides. We often say that Girl Camping is about “Making Girls Out of Women.” It’s about giving yourself permission to be a “girl” again and stop “adulting” for a few days. To lay on the grass and watch clouds roll by, to ride a bike with no hands, to dive into a pool without worrying about your hair, to walk to the camp store with your girlfriends and get ice cream! I think it’s time for me to revisit the National Park of Mammoth Cave where I spent my 12th birthday. This time though, rather than the no frills campground we stayed at, I think I’d like to stay at Jellystone and be 12 again.

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