One of the most talked-about topics among Girl Campers is personal safety.

Some of the common responses to these concerns include:

  • Stay observant and trust your instincts
  • Leave if something feels “off”
  • Consider getting a dog
  • Sleep with your key fob next to you so you have the panic alarm near
  • Get a site near the campground host
  • Get a safety tool or device

While there are multiple tools available to each of us, not all of them might be for us. Here’s where this cute little personal safety alarm from She’s Birdie comes in. Tiny enough to hang from a key ring, flashlight, pocketbook or backpack, this little alarm packs a 130db siren and a seriously bright, flashing strobe light. It easily turns on and off as needed, and comes with replaceable batteries that last up to 40 continual minutes. Available in an array of colors, this little powerhouse makes a perfect gift for yourself and every woman in your life. Also, you can feel good about this purchase because She’s Birdie donates 5% of profits to organizations which passionately support women’s safety.

We can never be too careful! It’s a good idea to apply several of the tips above AND get your She’s Birdie alarm!

Written by: Teresa White Carver, Girl Camper Guide to Virginia

Click here (and use code TERESACARVER10) to save 10% on your own personal alarm!

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