Propane Campfires are More Safe than Traditional Campfires

I was primarily interested in Camco’s Big Red Campfire because I live in Northern California and the ongoing high risk of wildfires resulted in no traditional campfires being allowed in many parts of the state.

Once I started using the Big Red Campfire, my perspective changed. Growing up camping, I have been a fan of traditional campfires all my life. And then I experienced how much quicker, cleaner, and safer the propane camp fire is.

For sitting around a campfire at night with several Girl Campers for hours of sharing and connection, I’ll still vote for a traditional campfire 100% of the time. However, when I’m on my own enjoying a cup of coffee before I head out for a hike, or want a quick campfire moment before I head inside for the night, the Big Red Campfire is the perfect option for me. I don’t have to take time getting the fire started and I don’t have to worry about making sure the fire is all the way out.

Since writing this full article I have purchased the cook top for the Big Red Campfire and I use it with my wok. The wok is the only “pan” I carry in my Jeep with the propane campfire because I can use it to cook anything and it’s good for small to large amounts, depending on whether or not I am serving others.

I would add that now is the time to purchase before summer comes around again. Hopefully we’ll get lots of rain and we won’t be living through a third summer of wildfires burning through towns in several states. However, if the trend continues, this is the time to purchase while stock is readily available.

Enjoy my full article and video here:

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