This nifty little canister eliminates the need for those disposable plastic bags that harm the environment.  Great for everyday shopping, you clip it to your shopping cart, backpack or purse with the attached carabiner for easy carrying.

Lightweight, Durable, Reusable & Eco-Conscious

To use, simply press the bottom of the canister to eject each bag. When finished, the bags compress back into the canister. Easy to clean, the bags are machine washable—do not put into the dryer though!

The portable plastic canister weighs just a ½-lb. with the bags inside. Three nylon bags are included and measure 15” long x 6” wide x 24” high with handles.  

An affordable yet really effective way to make a change that’s good for the environment and for you!

The Camco Grab-a-Bag Shopping Bag Canister is brand new so find it at a store near you at

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