We all have concerns when we head out and the best way to deal with fear is to acknowledge the possibilities and have a plan for if and when they happen. That is what we do here at Girl Camper, we educate new RVers and help them understand the principles of what may be happening and ways to counterbalance them. We have done many podcasts on safety from towing to tires to weight distribution hitches to weather tactics.

It’s never fun having a breakdown on the road but having good insurance and roadside assistance takes a little bit of the sting away!!

Some of my worst trips have resulted in my best lessons and made me a stronger and smarter RVer. I am sharing them today because I know that fear sometimes stops us from doing things we want to do. Sometimes fear is an alarm that common sense sets off in us and warns us to use caution. It’s a good thing that we should pay close attention to and not dismiss. There’s also a fear that is placed in us by other people who are worried about us. It’s really their fear being projected onto us. It’s a “What If?” and may be something that could happen but never will. What If’s can paralyze us and keep us from getting out there. You have to look at the situation and decide if there is real danger or if the FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Some of the issues I cover in today’s podcast include:

  • Driving in high winds
  • Driving in dense fog
  • Getting stuck for the night without a campsite
  • Truck breakdowns
  • Sway problems
  • Middle of the night tornado warnings

There’s a fun new thing from Camco that everyone will want to have. I think most of us can relate to the problem of needing a weight to secure the elbow of the sewer hose to the dump spot. If that thing is not weighted down and you pull the lever for the blank tank to dump, it can and will pop off and spew the contents of your blank tank all over the place!! The Camco Retro RV sewer hose fits on top of your hose and is weighted down by water or sand poured into the top. It keeps the sewer hose from popping off when the rush of fluids hits it!! Check it out here!

Thank you to Bankston Motor Homes of Alabama and Tennessee for sponsoring Girl Camper. To visit one of their six locations, click here!

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