Northern California

You’ll Be Singing a Different Tune After the Pandemic

Literally. Why not learn to play the ukulele while you have this extra time at home? Or, if you already know how to play, set a goal to learn to play a certain number of new...

YES! There are Open Campgrounds.

If you want to camp next to the Sacramento River, there are two campgrounds I called today that  are open:  Woodson Bridge RV Park in Corning and River Reflections RV...

Camp at Black Butte Lake for Exploring and Water Sports

Would you like a tour of the Buckhorn Campground and boat launch? Ride along with me: I started taking day trips from Chico to the...

Seeking Ways to Make Money on the Road?

Change your perspective and new opportunities might come into view! When I had my first travel trailer, I’d sometimes sit in it to take a break, change my frame of mind, and...

Waiting for Oroville Lake Campgrounds to Open Again: Learn About Communities Under the Lake

Bidwell Bar Bridge on the Bidwell Marina side of Oroville Lake April 23,2020 Update from the California Department of Parks and Recreation: "In support of the state's efforts,...
Like Rocks? Marsha’s Minerals and Rocks Shop

Like Rocks? Marsha’s Minerals and Rocks Shop

When I pulled into the driveway at Marsha’s Minerals & Rock Shop, I had

Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

This is the time to plan your trip to Table Mountain Ecological Reserve. ...

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