Can’t become a girl camper because you can’t have a trailer wherever it is that you live? No room in the budget for an RV purchase right now? No problem! While the trailer is a big draw for many women, for me it is just the icing on the cake. If I didn’t have one, I would still camp.  It is about the camping and not what you’re camping in.  It’s about friendship and going places and doing things.

 Morning coffee in camping PJ’s is a staple at Girl Camping events. Before you know it, it’s noon!

There are many women who camp without owning a trailer. Most campgrounds have cabin rentals and often there is a Girl Camper wannabe willing to share the cost.  There is always the tried and true tent brought to new life and comfort with a woman’s touch.

This cozy set up hardly looks like roughing it to me!


New Jersey Sister on the Fly, Cathy Pennino, is not missing any fun with her sweet set up!

There are also the really brave at heart who don’t care what they sleep in as long as they get to come for all the Girl Camper fun and they sleep in their cars! There are also some who come along and stay in a nearby B&B. That’s not really camping, but I won’t tell if you don’t. 


There are many times when women who own campers choose to tent camp or car camp because the drive is too far or they are nearby without their trailers and don’t want to back track to get them. Who cares what you are sleeping in as long as you are along for the ride.


This looks like a cozy alternative to me. The other option is to not go!


Playing dress up and catching up with old friends while making new ones is too big of a draw to miss out on because you don’t own a trailer.



Happiness comes in all sizes but you have to go get it! Our ancestors crossed oceans in wooden hulled ships and the Oregon Trail on Prairie Schooners, you can camp in a tent for a weekend!!


Look up to the sky. You’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down!
Charlie Chaplin

I have discovered in my almost ten years camping with these amazing women that attitude is the difference between those who embrace life and those who endure life. I want all the women who think that this looks like fun but there are too many obstacles for them to be able to do it, that adopting a can do attitude will propel you forward. Take one weekend of your year and make some new friends. You don’t know what impact it will have on the rest of the things you do!

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