My husband and I took a road trip from Minnesota to New York and back home again in October 2023. I’ve always thought Minnesota had the most beautiful autumnal nature display, until this trip. The colors were amazing all the way from Minnesota to New York.

Autumnal Landscape

The colors and landscape in Wisconsin looked very much like what I am familiar with in Minnesota, as was the beginning of Ohio, with some bright colors, but overall, not very intense. Suddenly, everything changed! The colors and landscape in eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania were elevated–literally. We went from flat lands and gently rolling hills to mountainous landscape. The colors were more intense and the landscape was elevated in height. The colors and gorgeous landscape continued into New York.

Halloween Time

I felt like it was in the middle of a 1940s movie with the old homes and ancient cemeteries surrounded by the autumnal display. We attempted to stop in Salem, Massachusetts since it was October and it just seemed like the thing to do. Unfortunately, many, many other people had the same idea. We drove around and around looking for a parking spot for our camper, but no parking spot was available. So, on we drove to Marblehead, Massachusetts for lunch and a stop at a cemetery that might be familiar to those of you who love the movie, “Hocus Pocus” (, as much as our family does. Then, we drove to Kingston, New York, to do some genealogy.

Genealogy in New York

Have you ever watched the 1944 movie, “Arsenic and Old Lace”? The Old Dutch Church in Kingston, New York, reminded me of the cemetery next to the Brewster home in that movie ( The autumnal colors in the churchyard were beautiful and there were leaves falling on the grass. I was surprised by the number of people walking their dogs through the churchyard and sitting at the picnic tables amongst the graves from the 1600s and 1700s. There is an unusual city ordinance that states “no structure in Uptown Kingston can be constructed taller than the steeple of Old Dutch Church.

This ordinance allows for the unique historic character of Uptown Kingston to be preserved and our steeple stands a beacon which forms part of the skyline of the City of Kingston and can be seen, literally, for miles. The interior, designed by Minard LaFever, is in the style of Christopher Wren and is considered unique for this country. Utilizing the Christian symbolism of 3(the Trinity), 5(senses), and 7(days of creation), LaFever designed a Sanctuary that has been described as being “architecturally perfect.” At the head of the Sanctuary is a 15-foot illuminated stained glass window depicting the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, created by Louis Comfort Tiffany and installed in 1891” ( The beauty of the church contributed to the overall beauty of the trip.

An Autumnal Winner

Soon, we were on our return road trip back to Minnesota from New York. Once again, as we drove through Pennsylvania, I was amazed by the beauty of the trees in the mountains and the stone houses scattered throughout the landscape. I think I found my new favorite autumn location. Sorry, Minnesota!

This article was written by Dana Botz, Minnesota Guide.

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