The Oregon coast has a lot to offer, including sand dunes! When I purchased my truck, I broke it in by driving to Canada. For the return trip back to Northern California, my friend and I spontaneously decided to drive the coastline. What a trip it was!

I had not spent time on the Oregon Coast before this trip and I was impressed with how beautiful it is. When we stopped in Florence, Oregon, I remember being taken by the place and still look forward to a return trip.

What I didn’t know about was the sand dunes on the Oregon Coast. We were driving along and the next thing I knew, there was roadside dune buggy rental groups, one after the other. Overtaken with excitement, I wanted to learn more and insisted we stay the night.


This entire area is incredible. I could easily spend a week there, seeing something new every day.


Check campground websites for specific information.

Wax Myrtle Campground

Oregon Dunes KOA


Whenever you travel to the northern coast, it’s wise to pack clothes for a wide range of temperatures and weather. It can be very cold and wet in the morning, and by midafternoon, you might be sitting on the beach in a tank top.

You can take your own ATV’s or rent them.

One of your decisions is going to be driving your own ATV or paying for an experienced guide to drive you in the dunes. I was not experienced driving in sand, so we paid to ride-along. I’m so glad we did; I am certain I would have gotten lost out there, it all looked the same to a newcomer like me.


Being familiar with the terrain, our driver confidently drove fast and executed several dune buggy donuts and other trick driving techniques to ensure we got our money’s worth. There was one moment when we were racing up a steep sand bank when we could not see over to the other side at all. I remember fear rising within me with thoughts of us landing on another ATV not visible to us during the climb, or God-knows-what we might encounter once we were over the top. Reaching the top, we caught air, and I’m sure girl screams could be heard from our dune buggy. We landed and raced on, hearts pounding, and delighted by the entire experience.


I spent such a short time on the Oregon coast, I mostly love the idea of returning. At the time of this writing, we don’t yet have an Oregon Chapter Guide, so I’m counting on all you Oregon Girl Campers to chime in on the comments and tell us more about this rich and inviting area.


When I return, I definitely want to spend several days so I can explore the beaches with my camera. I’d also like to do some hiking in the National Forest in that area. Of course, I will schedule another sand dune ride with an expert driver!

If you are traveling alone, I like KOA’s because they are clean and well-managed. I feel safe staying in these campgrounds on my own.

Catherine Goggia, Northern California Chapter Guide

We look forward to establishing a Chapter Guide in Oregon. Until we do, you are welcome to follow the Northern California fb page and I will alert you when we have a Guide in your state: Girl Camper Northern California

I encourage you to get online to study this website. This area is rich with offerings.

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