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On this week’s show I am sharing my Spring Gear Guide with you. All winter long I have been searching for and testing camping and Glamping gear and I am sharing some of my favorite things for both Glampers and Campers. On this show we like to say that there is no wrong way to “Camp Like a Girl” so if pure Merino wool jammies are what you love to sleep in, more power to you. You won’t get judged here! I also have some practical and fun camping items to share as well as some great Give Aways!!

Let’s get started with Glamping!! I am starting with my favorite Glamping luxury of the year which made its way into my everyday life and I hope I am never without them again. Chill Angel makes the most incredible 100 % Merino Wool pajamas! These PJ’s will leave you feeling wrapped in luxury and help you get a better nights sleep. The super finely spun wool looks like a jersey knit with flat lock stitching that never digs into your skin anywhere. The wool acts to dissipate heat from your body during a hot flash (power surge!) and transports moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and helping you get back to sleep sooner. Wool is a natural antimicrobial and is hypoallergenic. The highly breathable fabric is color fast and will not fade with washing. It is machine washable in cold water and should be line dried. I lay mine on a towel on the dryer or over an old fashioned drying rack. They are so soft!! I have been wearing them for about a month now and they really do help you to get a better nights sleep. I love them so much that I bought my mother a pair, because she deserves them!!

I loved the presentation of the Chill Angel jammies. I felt pampered just opening the box!

Betsy Seabert the designer and founder of Chill Angel conceived this brainchild while going through treatment for breast cancer.  As she struggled with the hot flashes and cold sweats related to the treatment she thought of her ideal pair of pajamas that would minimize the side effects of chemotherapy. When she was well she developed an award winning business plan and started production. Her beautiful pajamas have been a great success and I can see and feel why! They really do wrap you in luxury.  Years ago I would never have dreamed of indulging myself in such a luxury item like this but the older I get the more I value quality, good rest and contributing to small business entrepreneurial spirits like Betsy.

Betsy is offering five sets of Chill Angel Merino wool sleep masks to lucky winners and a 20% off coupon code to Girl Campers. The code is Chillingirls and is good for six months!! In order to be in the running for the sleep mask you have to go to Betsy’s site here and sign up for her newsletter on the bottom of her homepage. Thank you Betsy! You have a customer for life with me. Please don’t tell anyone I don’t take my jammies off until noon these days!! Perks of working from home!!

I got the t shirt and cropped pant set. The seams, soft waistband and pockets all add to the quality of the brand.

Next up is the Kamp-Rite Cot. I know this looks like camping gear and you are probably wondering why it is in the Glamping section of the Spring Gear Guide but hear me out here! This little cot tent packs a punch for Girl Campers. It can be used so many different ways.

  • Portable guest room- Carry this with you in case a friend visits you at the campground and you invite her to stay over. How sweet would this be all dolled up with vintage quilts and beautiful sheets and twinkle lights inside? You can make a guest feel right at home and still have your own space. Your guest doesn’t have to sleep on the floor!!
  • Perfect for those who don’t want to own a trailer but also don’t want to sleep in a tent on the ground. This sweet cot is so much simpler to set up than a big tent. No sweeping the site to get rid of sticks and stones that might break through the tent floor. No tarp to lay on the ground first. No looking for a firm but not too firm spot to sink a tent stake. Simple construction makes this an easy set up and break down.
  • For so many Girl Campers who are also the best Grandma’s out there, I think this makes a great addition to Grandma’s stash of cool things. Whether you set it up in the family room on a cold winter night, in your backyard or at the campground when the grand kids visit I think you will leave a lasting “cool” Grandma impression!

Kamp-Rite donated a double cot to our Waxahachie, Texas fundraiser for the HoldYou Foundation and they are also giving a single cot away to a lucky Girl Camper. You have to go to their Instagram account (kamp_rite) Follow them and tag two friends. They will pick a winner in a week and notify them. You can also get a 25% everything on their website through June 18th. You get to take full advantage of the coupon code through Father’s Day and all the graduations coming up. In order to get the 25% off though you have to phone your order in at – 1-800-709-9905. Thanks Kamp-Rite for doing us right!!

Our friends at MPowered have a new Luci Light. It’s the Luci Outdoor 2.0. Their new version is solar powered but also has a USB port to charge it in your car while you are driving. When it is charged you can then use that USB to charge your phone if necessary. The fully charged 2.0 will last for 58 hours on the low setting!! If you don’t know about Luci Lights and their mission to bring light to the 1.6 billion people in the world without electricity, you can read albou them here!!

So versatile and for everyone purchased here in the USA, MPowered is able to offer reduced prices or gifted lights to those most in need.

Beddy’s Beds is offering the Girl Campers a discount on their site again. Beddy’s (click here to read all about it) became my favorite bedding last year when I decided to quit wrestling with blankets.  You can get 20% off when you use coupon code GirlCamper. These bedding sets will make RV bed making gymnastics a thing of the past.

Camping Gear! I took a trip to the Outdoor Retailers Show in Denver in January to check out what was new in outdoor gear. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Cauldryn – an award winning new design that can boil water by the power of a rechargeable battery. It is the only vacuum sealed stainless steel hot beverage container that can boil. It actually has four settings. Low, medium, high and boil. The battery also has a USB port that can charge your cell phone 8 times before it needs recharging. The Cauldryn was a gift to me from Liberty Outdoors. I thought it was a cool thing to have but little did I know. As I write this New Jersey is waiting on its fourth Nor’easter in three weeks.  What I thought was a superfluous item became a lifesaver in so many ways. I used it to heat up hot water in my car when I was driving home in sloppy, freezing weather and my windshield wiper fluid was frozen and wouldn’t flow. I used it to heat up water and make coffee in my French Press when the electric was out during Nor’easter One and Two. It could make oatmeal, Ramen noodles or heat up a can of soup in an emergency. I now look at this as an essential part of my car emergency kit. I am recalling the time I had to sleep in a Walmart parking lot on a freezing April night when fog drove me and a couple dozen truckers off the highway. I had my vintage trailer then which only had a space heater. I was freezing!

photo courtesy of

This Cauldryn won awards at the Consumers Electronic Show. There are no other models like it on the market and by the end of June they will be offering attachments to go with it including a perculator and blender. Camping coffee and smoothies while boondocking is something I can get my head around. The Cauldryn retails for 129.99 and they are offering a 20% discount at the Teardrop Shop. They are also giving one away on the Cauldryn Instagram site. Go to the Cauldryn on Instagram and Follow and tag two friends. They will pick a winner in a week and ship one out to you!! To get the 20% off at the Teardrop shop, use the coupon code Cauldryn20. The coupon is good until the end of April.

The Camco Power Defender made my list of essential camping and trailer safety gear. I heard one too many stories of checking campground power sources for voltage overages and reverse polarity. The Camco Power Defender has a built in safety system that “reads” the pole for problems before you plug your RV into it. I don’t want to get my electric knowledge cheat sheet out when I am getting set up so this was a win for me. The Teardrop Shop is offering a 15% discount on the Power Defender. You can use the coupon code Camco15 at the Teardrop Shop.

For years I have been using the Ryobi power tools and I added the hand vacuum to my collection for this spring. What I liked about it is that I already have the battery and charger for my Ryobi cordless drill and air compressor. I was looking for a hand vacuum that had a brush attachment for nooks and crannies. The Ryobi only weighs two pounds, has the crack and crevice tool, is easy to open to clean and change the filter and has a great rubber handle with a good grip on it. I purchased it on  Amazon for$24.  The Ryobi tools have been a great addition to my tool kit.

I already have so many Ryobi tools that the vacuum was the only sensible choice. I’ve been using them for years and love how long the batter stays charged.

The Next Exit book is a new one on my trailer shelf. There is an App called the Next Exit but I like the old school book that you can read in bed while planning your next days adventures. It gives you all the things available at the Next Exit. Food, gas, hotels, Walmarts and RV dump stations. Everything in RED is a place that is RV accessible.


Epic Wipes! This year I have several boondocking trips planned and that is why I was so excited when I discovered these new portable showers ! Epic Wipes are 2′ 6″ disposable towels for cleaning up after any kind of work out, hike, bike ride or activity that leaves you less than sweet smelling and without access to a shower. Think of baby wipes only 16 times bigger!! This is another product that I thought of solely as a camping item until the back to back Nor’easters hit. We were lucky to only be without electric for a short time but friends were without heat, water and electric for days. This is now an item that I want to have on hand “just in case”.  These towels are created from sustainable bamboo and scented with essential oils. They are biodegradable after use but I am told by the developers that they can be washed several times before they begin degrading. I can think of so many uses for the towels after they’ve been used for cleaning up a dirty hiker. Once rinsed out they could be used to wipe down just about anything- car windows, dirty gear, barbecue equipment, bikes, kayaks, quads etc…. The Mom in me thinks they have extended uses!! Epic Wipes is giving a coupon code to check these out. You can go to their website and get 20% off by using the coupon code GIRLCAMPER. I am excited to have these in stock in my trailer when I will be boondocking on the Grand Mesa  in Colorado this summer. I also like that when you buy more the price goes down. You can buy 20 for $29.95 and when you add the discount they are less than $1.25 each.  I’d pay a lot more than that to feel clean after a hike with no shower in site!!

No shower? No problem!


Next week is part two of the Girl Camper Gear Guide and Spring Give Aways!! Be sure to stay tuned.


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