Lily deSae Chalet is a 2014 Casita, purchased new at the factory in Rice, Tx. I wanted a trailer that looked vintage, but would not have to deal with breakdowns or repairs. She is named after my grandmother, deSae Bond. Her grandfather was a French doctor and settled in Oklahoma to raise his family. She grew up there and married and was a rancher’s wife. She taught me to sew, fish, ride horses and love animals. She let me do whatever I set my mind to. I loved her dearly.

I designed the trailer. I also made all the bedding, curtains, covered all the interior with French newspaper print fabric and covered lamp shades to match. The portrait is my grandmother at 16 in oil that I did from a photograph for my dad. The other is of my twin granddaughters, Lily and Lauren deSae, at five years old. They are now 18, also named after her and my daughter. The bike is mine. The cow represents the ranch. All the colors represent me, because I love color. I took it to a car wrap company and it took three months to put the ideas together. We sat down at the computer and I decided the color of every brick and placement of all hanging baskets, shutters, chimney and so on. I love camping with Sisters on the Fly and use it quite often. I love making costumes and staging each event. She has even been featured in London, England.


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