One of my earliest remembrances as a child was camping with my family. It was a very big deal to my parents. I have been camping since a very young age, as I recall often with memories of packing up the car and making our way to the great outdoors.

My Dad, and Mom took to the road and we enjoyed family camping, all throughout

Florida, and into the Carolinas. One of the most memorable trips was to the

Great Smoky Mountains National Park in N.C.

My father truly love to build things. As I recall in the earlier years, if he couldn’t have that prized shiny new Camper, he made do with outfitting his fishing boat, using it as storage to haul the family tents, self built camp kitchen etc, to a camping outing he and mother planned.

I have encouraged my own three children to camp, always tent camping to bring them closer to nature. It heartens me to say that they have continued the family tradition in their own way. Now all grown up, and out of the nest, my mother nurturing days in the past, it was time for me to renew the wonderful experience of hitting the road and camping in the beautiful campgrounds that abound in the mid Atlantic regions & south. There were countless hours dreaming of one day owning my own travel trailer, just like my parents had, that brought them as well as my siblings that great joy!

So it is my parents who I’m so indebted to as they imparted that love & respect of the outdoors. They packed us all in a large tent, eventually graduating to a small pop up and its comforts, then onto that final Jayco Trailer of my youth that so influenced my love of camping.  After years of tent camping with my family, my body began to feel the effects and I decided to find that trailer that lurked in my memories. I reviewed all that was available online, at RV Shows and the local dealer.  I finally settled on what I saw as the perfect camper, of  which I can proudly tell you I am the owner of- a Liberty Outdoors Max, which I have affectionately called “Mr. Big”.

I’m forever grateful to my parents for the gift and vision imparted by their similar love of the great outdoors and the attendant beauty it avails: solitude, a gurgling brook, a beautiful sunrise, dawn’s chorus of songbirds.  Whether I’m hiking, camping, fishing or just hanging out, it all comes full circle at this time of my life.  I now am out there on the road, camping all four seasons in Virginia, and other Southern States.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than leaving the driveway, all packed up and ready for the journey.. 

Adventure awaits!!! I will forever cherish and appreciate the freedom that camping brings to my spirit, as well as the challenges ahead!  That alone is its own great reward.

See you down the road…..

My father and mother have made an extraordinary impression on me, with taking us every year

on a long car trip from Florida to the Great Smoky Mountains!  It was an annual trip, and one we all looked forward to!  A long time has passed since those great memories and the feeling of the exploring somewhere new.

My father passed when I was 30, but mom and I continued his legacy by taking my 3 kids camping to the same place every summer.  Now my kids are all grown up, and they too enjoy the great outdoors just like I did.  My mother, a grandmother and widow, would travel along with us back to the Smokies regularly until she suffered from a stroke several years ago.

While I was caring for her during her rehabilitation, I began listening to Janine’s Girl Camper Podcast. I  began to envision myself as that kid again camping.

After mother passed away, she left me the funds so that I was able to make my dream

 a reality.  I found a used Travel Trailer, (4 months old) on Facebook.  The asking price was out of my budget, so I waited.  I called the owner back a month later thinking surely he would have sold it.  The very day I called, he had traded it in for a bigger camper. He kindly told me who the dealer was, and the rest is history!  I was able to negotiate a reasonable offer, and I have been the proud owner of a 2018 21’ Liberty Outdoors Max for 1 year now.  

I travel at every chance I get, which is often. I absolutely love the experience I am having. There isn’t a trip that doesn’t involve me thanking my mother for her generous ways!  Her picture is hung just as you walk in the camper door. There is no feeling greater  than setting out on my next camping adventure! 

I hope you too will have the greatest  adventures ahead. Let’s keep in touch!

By Elizabeth Gallahan

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