Growing up in Oklahoma, I basically lived outdoors until the sun came down.  However, camping was not my family’s thing unless you call one time in a cabin at a lake camping. 

Camping became a love affair when my husband (while in the Marine Corps) had a fellow Marine offer up a spare tent for our family to join him and his family on a camping trip in Tennessee.  Not only did I fall in love with camping, but I also fell in love with historic places.  As a family, we hit as many battlefields and old towns we could and even when we were not camping our camp stove became a staple in our car on road trips.  Remember those roadside rest stops?  While others would be having sandwiches, we would have spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread!

We still enjoy getting outside, golfing and hiking when we travel but really have not thought much about camping after the kids got older.  I honestly thought that chapter in my life was closed. 

A couple of years ago things changed … My husband walked away from a car wreck that totaled his car.  I thank God he walked away from that accident, but I never expected that this incident would reopen our camping chapter again.  A new chapter…

We found ourselves in a place in our lives that we need to start transitioning into retirement and what did we want that retirement to look like?  While on a trip to visit his parents in NJ, we passed a little teardrop camper and he knew instantly that he wanted one.  We both knew that sleeping in a tent was not in our cards anymore and this little teardrop just might fit our needs, bring us back to simple things again.

My type A personality took over (as well as my excitement) and I started researching the heck out of teardrops when I found that there will be an RV show in our area in a couple of weeks and we needed to be there.  After seeing everything, we chose to build a new Teardrop camper instead of going vintage. I personally love the modern look with a little bit of personal tradition and the Little Guy Max Teardrop reflected that.  

During my research, I ran across groups and pages about women campers who not only camp together, but they can and do tow their own campers!  As I kept digging, I was introduced to Janine Pettit.  At the time, all I knew was she had a Max like ours and was test driving the Mini-Max around the country … by herself!  I thought to myself, I love that she has the freedom to go when and where she wants to and makes a living out of it.  

When Luis and I decided to embark on this new adventure of camper ownership, I shared my desire to learn everything about our camper and share in towing.  I want to be able to handle our camper by myself if necessary.  I want to be able to go places and do things and most importantly I want to be able to do so now before we retire. 

After a year of being blessed to take a few 10-14-day trips and being able to work remotely with our Little Guy Max, we decided we wanted a bit more elbow room and we also want to be able to bring our grandchildren along from time to time.  These days you will find me with my camera not too far from our Airstream Globetrotter we have named The Beacon.  The Beacon is a bit bigger than our Max (we never really named her) was, but I have learned to tow her and park her! 

I am also very happy to say … I am a Girl Camper

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