My name is Robbin Deciacco. I am 61 years old. For two and a half years I’ve wanted to camp with the ladies, but my husband was fearful of me going out “alone”. I assured him it would be safe but we were both a bit fearful.

In September of 2017, I found a used Aliner Scout Parks model which I named My Nest. I felt it was enough to get me “out there” without overwhelming me with tanks and propane, which frightened me.

I have AC, as it gets hot and humid in Florida. I have running water and a small fridge. That’s all I really need. It’s enough room to move around some and to get out there and do some girl camping while having a very comfortable place to sleep.

It’s soothing to get away from work and housework. It’s comforting to sit around the campfire, kayak, ride bikes, sit in read when the pitter patter of rain drops fall.

Someday I may get a bit bigger camper that I can decorate and have more room. But right now, it’s not really about the camper, it’s about the camping and things are good just the way they are.

Thanks to Janine, I am going places and doing things. Yep. I’m sorry I waited this long.

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