Here are a few questions that readers might like to know about your trailer.

What year and model is it? How did you find it? Where did you go to pick it up?

Cat's Cottage 1

This is my friend Carol’s 1968 Cardinal which she bought from a fellow sister on the fly. We took a road trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to pick her up.

Is there a “story” to your purchase? A little old lady who kept it covered in her barn? How much work did you have to put into it? Did you do the work yourself?

Cat's Cottage 2

On our trip home from Pigeon Forge we were busy planning the interior design when I realized the trailer was not hugging the road as it should. The previous owner was out of town and had asked the trailer storage facility to check the trailer out and make sure the tires were properly inflated and it was travel ready. We took a good look at the exterior and all looked good. Once on the road we discovered that the tires were actually really over inflated and it had caused uneven wear which was causing the sway. Once we had new tires on her, she was a breeze to tow.

What was the biggest surprise about the trailer? What is your decorating scheme? Why? Does your trailer have a name? What’s the story with the name?



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