28 Oct

Girl Camper #4: The Airstream Dream…How to rent one!

Do you harbor an Airstream dream? I do, but when I sit in the showroom and look at the price tag I wonder if the dream would turn into a nightmare after the purchase.

What if I pay beau cup bucks and then don’t like the floor plan I chose? What if it’s too big or too small? If only there were a way to preview before the purchase.

Now there is. On Episode #4 of Girl Camper, I chat with Mike Harlan, the GM of Haydocy Airstream, about the new Airstream and GMC tow vehicle rental program with AAA. Who knew?

You can reach out to Haydocy at: www.haydocyairstream.com

Where to rent an Airstream: www.haydocyairstream.com

FYI! You can also rent a Vintage Cruiser or Little Guy “Tab” trailer through Haydocy!

I will also continue addressing the “objections” to becoming a Girl Camper. This week I will be talking about how to operate a travel trailer and the Girl Camper, Camper College program.

06 Oct

Think Pink! at Haydocy Airstream!

October is pumpkins and football and sweaters and comfort food! It is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! I have to admit that I haven’t paid much attention to this because cancer doesn’t run in my family and I have no relatives that have ever had breast cancer. The awareness part of the program though alerted me to the FACT that 80% of breast cancer diagnosis’ do not have a family relationship to the disease! Whoa! That’s staggering and shook me out of complacency and made me make an appointment for a mammogram. 

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