11 Oct

Girl Camper: Episode 105 Answering FAQ’s

On this weeks show I am answering FAQ’s ranging from “Is Girl Camper a group I can join?” to “Do I really need to use expensive  RV toilet paper?” I am also linking here to a few of  my “go to” experts in all things RV.

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I’m answering the question about whether Girl Camper is a group you can join.

Walter Canon is the  Executive Director of the RVSEF,  (Recreation Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation). The RVSEF provides comprehensive information on all things RV safety related including towing ratings for vehicles. Walter is a frequent guest speaker at RV events but also produces great videos. One of the ones I highly recommend taking the time to watch is Walter’s video on matching your truck and trailer.  Arming yourself with expert advice will help make your RV travels safe and fun.

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Walter Cannon, Executive Director of the RVSEF is an industry expert and frequent public speaker.

Another industry expert I rely on is Mark Polk from RV Education 101. Mark has perhaps the most comprehensive body of work compiled on RV Safety, Maintenance and Repairs. Mark also has the gift of being able to convey complicated subjects in a clear and concise manner. He has an extensive body of DVD’s, YouTube videos, Ebooks and articles on everything you need to know about your motor home, tow vehicle or travel trailer. Mark’s work on tire safety and tire inflation guides should be a must read for all RVers.

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Mark Polk and his wife Dawn Polk are the founders of RV Education 101. Their work is keeping RVers safe and helping them enjoy years of extended life from their motor homes and travel trailers by learning how to properly use and maintain them.

05 Jan

Girl Camper #13: Towing Safety with Walter Cannon

On this week’s episode Walter Cannon from RV Safety and Education Foundation discusses the formula for determining your tow vehicle’s maximum towing capacity and your trailer’s true weight. He will also tell us how to determine the tongue weight of your rig. The tongue weight is the downward force that the tongue of the trailer exerts on the hitch attached to your tow vehicle. To tow safely and control sway one should have a tongue weight of 9 – 15% of the trailer’s total weight. Listen to Walter as he explains the true weight of your vehicle and rig. Insurers estimate 70% of the trailers being towed do not fit industry standards. Does yours? In our Girl Camper News Roundup we have a new trip – The Great American Road Trip through the north western hills of South Carolina. The Girl Campers will be leaving from Gaffney, South Carolina and taking the historic Rt 11 trip through the foothills to the Georgia border. Waterfalls, roadside stands, B & B’s, Table Rock and lots of other tourist attractions await the traveler on this trip. Also on this episode is a segment on safe caravanning. When a group of people are all going to the same place, is it best to stay together or leave some room on the highway?  Outside Our Bubble has some great advice and a Dash Cam “don’t ” to view.