20 Aug

Your Sister’s a Glamp !

I love the attitude of this sassy, not always so classy,  (that’s why I can relate to her!) glamper of a gal! Her blog posts are full of all the things we love to look at and be inspired by!! I am sharing the love! If you want the inside scoop on what is happening on those SOTF trips where more fun is had than anywhere else, you will just have to log on and follow Thelma and Louise’s adventures!

I wonder why this sign caught their eye?

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31 Jul

Trailer Raffle! Sisters on the Fly

One of the many things that I think makes Sisters on the Fly the best group ever is their commitment to works of charity! Paying it forward and helping those in need! Who wouldn’t want to do that? Several times in the past generous and warm hearted sisters have donated their time and talents for great causes.

Sisters on the Fly has been a partner with Casting for Recovery, a not for profit organization that helps women recovering from breast cancer, for many years. At sister on the fly camp outs generous sisters raise money among themselves by raffling off what I call “Sistertastic” trailer finds. Every once in a while though that generosity is exceeded by a phenomenal donation like this 1957 Mercury “Quicksilver” vintage trailer donated by Jennifer Smith. It has been beautifully restored by Kent Kraemer at Blue Moon Caravans in Missoula, Montana. Thank you Kent! In addition to all of that it has been beautifully decorated by our very own sister on the fly “trailer whisperer”, Kristin Manas. Job well done Kristin! It really speaks to me and I think she has expertly enhanced the classic charm of this Birchwood Beauty!

 These trailers are harder to come by everyday and having one ready to roll usually involves a big investment! A $25 tax deductible chance could win you this piece of nostalgia though!

The only thing to be said here is “classic”!

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28 Jul

Objection #4 – I live in a Condo, Apartment, Snooty Neighborhood that won’t allow trailers

Can’t become a girl camper because you can’t have a trailer wherever it is that you live? No room in the budget for an RV purchase right now? No problem! While the trailer is a big draw for many women, for me it is just the icing on the cake. If I didn’t have one, I would still camp.  It is about the camping and not what you’re camping in.  It’s about friendship and going places and doing things.

 Morning coffee in camping PJ’s is a staple at Girl Camping events. Before you know it, it’s noon!

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13 Jun

Camper College – New Jersey

Janine Pettit, Girl Camper,  and Stones Camping World of Berlin, NJ announce Camper College. The complimentary event for Girl Campers and friends will take place on July 10, 2015 at Stones Camping World, 127 North Rte 73, Berlin, NJ. 08009 from 6-8 PM. Light refreshments will be served.


 The Riverside Retro trailer. Stone’s Camping World carries this girl camper favorite.
 Many girl campers find this a great alternative to the worries and expense of restoring a vintage trailer. As one who has restored several of them, I think I could be easily talked into this.

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22 Jul

Objection #1: I don’t have a trailer!

For those that believe that girl camping is all about the trailer I would like to share with you some pictures of women whose spirit is bigger than their budgets. They are not letting the lack of a trailer stop them from having girl fun. I really admire these women who have a very “can do” attitude and just want to be out there doing things and going places. They join in all the fun without the worry of towing and leveling and hooking up and backing in. It’s more about the people and places and less about the things, although their things are beautiful!

Some tents are homemade. Some are store bought and glamped up. Some girl campers choose to rent a cabin or stay at a local B & B and visit the campsite. The point is to not let the lack of a camper keep you from enjoying all the fellowship and comraderie of women doing things together. It is actually better to go to these events without a trailer and ask questions about where to get a trailer, what a buyer should ask a seller, what is a reasonable amount to pay? Acquire lots of information. Know your likes and dislikes. Learn what features you want in a trailer. Decide if you want to go vintage or buy new and customize it to fit your style.  Keep an open attitude and go camping with the idea that you want to be part of the great outdoors with people who do that with alot more pinache than most!!