This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Girl Camper Magazine. Often, we hear someone say they bought a “new to them” RV or tow vehicle and they are pleased that the tires look good and don’t need replacing. Not so fast! Let’s delve into that. Just because tires look good doesn’t mean that they are good. It also doesn’t mean they are the correct tires for the vehicle in which they are installed. RV and vehicle tires hold lots of information stamped into the rubber that will help you determine if what you are riding on is the safest possible means of transporting not just your RV, but yourself. Today you’ll learn how important the “art of reading your tires” really is.

Every vehicle holds a placard on the inside of the door that will tell you what the manufacturer recommends for tires on that particular automobile or RV. If the tires were replaced, it’s possible the previous owner did not follow that chart. Since the majority of accidents involving RVs are related to poor tire maintenance, be sure to check that your tires are the correct size and have the correct load and speed rating. If you have any doubt, find an RV expert to advise you, ensuring happy trails ahead.

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