Working full-time doesn’t always leave a lot of time for other activities. Especially when you already have a full plate. We needed plan our time, our repair and rehabilitation strategy and budget.

Planning Time Line

Don and I decided to give ourselves a year to complete the camper. We planned to make a camper date for 2 hours each weekend. If our weekends are full we have to find time on a week night.

Planning an Approach to Camper Repairs

Initially, we had decided to rip the camper down to the studs and start from scratch. After a thorough inspection, Don and I realized that the camper was overall in very good shape with a few spots of water damage. We tore specific areas with water damage down to the studs and will replace a limited number of studs in small sections at a time.

Planning a Budget

Because most of the camper is in great shape we will keep cabinets, doors, and hardware where possible to save money. We don’t have a specific budget yet, But will be shopping at our local Habitat store and try to keep the cost of the interior to under $1,000.00.

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