A few days after Thanksgiving, my husband and I were hanging out, talking about camping. I had mentioned that I love my 13 foot Scamp, but when there is more than just me camping I could use a little more room when the weather is challenging . Be still my heart, my husband said, “I’ve always wanted to restore a camper. Find a camper that you are interested in, We will make it a Christmas present to each other.” Less than a week later we were on our way to northern Pennsylvania to purchase a camper.

Sleeping area has a full-sized bed and bunk above
The kitchen look ok

The Worst Case Scenario

I always expect the worst case scenario and so does Don. Don had packed every tool imaginable in the back of the truck and I had created 10 different scenarios of what might happen. Would we get to our destination and be welcomed by axe murderers, Would the axle break around Harrisburg PA and we would be stuck there for several days waiting for repairs? Would we get home and experience buyers remorse? The people we bought the camper from were lovely and even took 200.00 of the price. Buyers remorse is TBD.

Another bed to the left and a wet bath.

The Camper

We ended up purchasing a 16 foot 1985 Sunline Camper. A well built little tank of a camper with everything we want including wet bath, kitchenette and a little extra room. Over the next year I will be sharing our renovation story.

By Holly Johnson |Girl Camper Guide Delmarva 

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