16 Sep

The Lake House Trailer “After” Pictures

I have always loved lake houses and am not likely to ever have one so I decorated my “new” trailer in a lake house mood.

The outdoor awning! I love an outdoor kitchen. I mounted the flag poles so I have no poles and guide wires!

Took out the stove and put in a sink. The fridge and microwave go under the sink when it is not on display. 

My “fireplace”.  A duraflame heater that is 750 or 1500 watts.

My alcove bed. 

My sweet husband made this table out of wood I have been saving for 5 years! 

My little breakfast nook! 

The details! Antler towel holder!

Wallpapered ceiling and nook shelf!

A six dollar collander turned into a lamp

Vintage hardware from my collection on old shutters

5 thoughts on “The Lake House Trailer “After” Pictures

  1. She's a wonderful lake house! Thank you for sharing the details. We are finishing the restoration of my little vintage trailer. It's fun to see it all come together. I LOVE your outdoor kitchen.

  2. Love your trailer(s)! Followed (I guess the phrase is lurked) all the way from your post on SOTF Trailer Raffle. I love the inspiration. We are out in Southern Oregon so not a ton of trailers around here (vintage, esp.) but I found a '69 Aristocrat last weekend and am dreaming up ways to doll it up. Thank you for sharing!

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