Girl Camper Guide Catherine Goggia is pinch hitting for me for the next two weeks while I am on a little sabbatical. She is taking us through her purchase of new trailer tires and explaining trailer tires (ST) versus regular tires (LT).

Catherine is our Northern California Girl Camper Guide. She is an R Pod owner who grew up camping and encourages others to get out there and do things. She is the editor of her own Girl Camper site. You can follow her here.

Some of the topics Catherine discusses include:

  • ST tires are built differently than LT tires
  • Why the tread is more shallow on ST tires
  • Why side walls on ST tires differ from LT tires
  • C and D rated tires
  • Tire maintenance
  • Things that impact load capacity
  • Open range tires
  • Made in USA tire manufacturers

Click the link below to hear the podcast and the full scoop on buying trailer tires.

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