Take a moment now to to jot down some notes as you think about the rest of the year.

Set a Goal that Makes You Happy!

What makes you so happy that when you think about a goal in that category, it commands your thoughts?

What action could you take today in this area of your life that would make you so happy, it would liberate your energy?

And what type of goal can you set such that, if you take daily, weekly, or monthly action toward the goal, it would create an internal shift in you and inspire your hopes?

The last year has been challenging for many people in so many ways. Setting goals with the specific intention of moving forward and being happy is one way we can make progress in the coming year.

Here’s a little, and very doable goal that might inspire larger goals for you. We are bringing Girl Camper magazine to life at our two-day virtual Expo. We hope you’ll join us. Women from all over the country logging on to share in their love of camping has been one of the goals that makes US really happy!

Learn more here and register today for the Girl Camper Virtual Expo:https://girlcamper.com/expo/

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