From the fulltime RV couple at RV Love: “Any kind of change can be scary. And when you’re considering leaving a traditional life behind – one that society deems as ‘acceptable’ – to hit the road and live a more nomadic kind of life, there may be some who think you’ve gone mad. Every time we try to step outside of the norm to follow our hearts and our dreams, there are bound to be naysayers. Don’t let them hold you back. Your soul is calling you. The open road is calling you. The first step is always the hardest, yet when you read the stories of others who have gone before you, it will show you that this life is not only possible, but truly enriching… and once you’ve stepped into it, you won’t look back.”

The RV Love Couple who lives full-time on the road.

There’s No Need to Make Overwhelming Decisions

For example, you don’t have to sell the large home you’ve lived in for 40 years and live full-time in a van! You could sell the house, scale down to a smaller place, buy an RV, and commit to going out once a month to a new campground.

Your first campout can be in your living room and that’s okay!

Get Out Your Calendar and Plan Step One

If you are new to camping or returning to camping, we hope you’ll take that first step today. Take one step. And then another. One step at a time leads to progress and we are here to cheer you on!

Article inspired by the RV Love blog

We are big fans of their content – check them out here!

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