I love the attitude of this sassy, not always so classy,  (that’s why I can relate to her!) glamper of a gal! Her blog posts are full of all the things we love to look at and be inspired by!! I am sharing the love! If you want the inside scoop on what is happening on those SOTF trips where more fun is had than anywhere else, you will just have to log on and follow Thelma and Louise’s adventures!

I wonder why this sign caught their eye?

 Sisters in law and trouble, Cindy Smith Pritchett and Donna Pritchett Smith! Confused? Donna married Cindy’s brother in 1979 and Cindy returned the favor by marrying Donna’s brother in 1980! They have been joined at the hip ever since sharing the same in laws, grandparents and owning children who are double cousins! It was only natural that they should become glamping partners. When Cindy joined the SOTF and bought a 1971 Play-Moor to cart behind her on all of her adventures, she naturally wanted her life long side kick to join her.


Bella, the 1971 Play-Moor that Donna and Cindy play with! Although the trailer literally belongs to Cindy, it is actually thought of as “their” trailer. Sisters, on the fly and in families, are generous by nature.


Not only are these sisters having more fun than anyone, they are doing it in incredible style and comfort. I have seen this trailer 100 times on glamping sites and it has always ranked as one of my all time favorites!
It would take a while to get lonesome for home in this beauty!
I am looking forward to meeting these two fun ladies! Maybe this years “Saddle Up”. We can compare blogging notes and plan future trips. If we can do it while sitting in Bella, I am in!!


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