You’ve decided to go camping!  You’ve got your gear, you’ve reserved your campsite, your tent-camper-RV is ready, and you have your food and supplies!  Now what do you do?

Setting up camp for the first time can be a bit intimidating, but don’t worry!  You will soon discover that when you join the ranks of campers there will always be someone around to lend a helping hand and share their experiences and advice with you.

Before you head out, be sure you’ve mapped out your route and serviced your vehicle.  When you arrive at the campground you will want to check-in at the gate or the office and get directions to your campsite as well as the rules and regulations for your campground.

Each campground has its own rules. Be sure to familiarize yourself with those and do your best to be a friendly camping neighbor.  You will appreciate your fellow campers who do the same, especially regarding quiet hours, being courteous to each other and helping to keep the restrooms clean and tidy.

Here in Colorado, we have to pay close attention to rules regarding wildlife and campfires.  Nearly every campground in our state has visitors of the four-legged variety.  Remember that you are visiting their home and it’s important to observe them from a distance. It’s also important not to tempt them to try and visit you inside your tent, camper or vehicle!  Don’t leave any food or good-smelling things where they can find them!

Campfires are another special consideration here.  Each campground you visit will likely request that you do not bring in any outside firewood. This helps protect the forest from unwanted pests and diseases that firewood sometimes harbors.  Just purchase your firewood locally and observe warnings and rules each campground has. 

Congratulations on your new adventure! You’re joining a community of like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do.  For more information about setting up camp, check out this informative article on

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