The Ultimate Adventure Hat – Tilley LMT6 Airflo

Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

By Theresa “Resa” Leppert

Do you need a versatile hat for your adventures?  Honestly, there is nothing like a Tilley hat.  The LTM6 Airflo broad-brimmed hat has it all! 


Mark & Laurie B.

I was introduced to the classic Tilley Airflo by a camping buddy – Mark B. Mark wore his Tilley everywhere when we were camping. It honestly became his trademark.

Sadly, Mark passed away two years ago, having lost his battle with lung cancer. His Tilley hat was displayed prominently at his wake, and every time I put mine on, I think of him and it makes me smile.

I know he’s up there, wearing that hat, grinning down at all of our adventures. RIP, Mark. We sure do miss you. <3


  1. It is rated UPF 50+. That is important for us ladies, especially those of us who have a light complexion and are prone to sunburn!
  2. It has a durable water repellent finish and is buoyant. It floats!  This makes it great for all those water sports we adventurous ladies like – kayaking, paddle boarding, boating.  Also, the tuckaway wind cord gives you an additional anchor system to prevent those wind-driven flyaway losses!
  3. The crown has a mesh insert for ventilation and the inner band has moisture-wicking Hydrofil for those hot sweaty days.
  4. The crown has a hidden pocket, perfect for a fishing license, a glasses cloth, your driver’s license – or all of the above.
  5. It is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE (GFL.)  Register your hat within 90 days of purchase, and it is GFL against wear and tear, poor workmanship, or faulty material.  (Only certain models are eligible for the GFL program, so make sure to check that out before purchase if it’s important to you.)
  6. Lastly – it’s got STYLE. I mean – check it out below. Sure has an Indiana Jones vibe, huh? Just call me Indy, k?
Just call me Indiana Jones!

Tilley has a model for everyone!

My husband and I both have and love our Tilley Airflo LTM6’s.  I don’t go camping without mine!  This hat compresses flat for packability and then pops right back up when you want it to.  The wind cord helps keep it on your head in the wind, and it serves as a tether when you want to just let it hang down your back.  While I’m now silver/grey – I used to be a ginger/blonde – and I get sunburned on a cloudy day.  This protects my nose and face from any more sun damage.  We all could benefit from that, right?  You can check out all the models at  I know there is one there that will fit your needs perfectly!

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