Girl Camper Privacy Policy

Your privacy is so important to us! When you subscribe to the Girl Camper podcast, newsletter, HoldYou campaigns or anything attached to Girl Camper, you can rest assured that we won’t sell, trade, rent, barter, give way or expose any of your personal information to a third party in any way with two exceptions. 1): If we were to sell Girl Camper and all of its assets. Should that ever happen, we would require the same privacy policy we have in place to remain with the buyer. 2): Girl Camper may be asked to disclose personal contact information from our subscribers, followers, etc. if it will aid in a criminal matter. We reserve the right to do so when we believe it will help law enforcement.

Your information with Girl Camper
When you subscribe to Girl Camper’s podcast, newsletter, raffles, magazine, etc., we ask for your contact details to be sure you’re getting everything you want from Girl Camper. In addition to new events, podcasts, contests and more – we may also let you know about special offerings from our sponsors but those details will always come directly from us and not the sponsor. As our Girl Camper chapters continue to expand across the country, we may be sharing your contact details with a Girl Camper chapter close to you (who is part of the Girl Camper corporate structure) so you’ll always have the latest local camping news. Of course, you can opt out of that or any contact from Girl Camper at any time!

Accessing your information on Girl Camper
By agreeing to the terms and conditions of our website, you acknowledge that Girl Camper may access your account to troubleshoot or update your account when necessary. That may require changing your password to do so. Rest assured, we do not have access to your billing information, only your activity on Girl Camper as a subscriber or member.

Photos & shared content from you
We have one of the most active social media sites in the entire camping industry! So many Girl Campers post their photos, stories, recipes and more on our social media. By doing so, you are giving Girl Camper permission to use said content in any way without compensation, including but not limited to social media, traditional media and Girl Camper promotional materials. We will tag you as the creator of that content whenever and wherever Girl Camper uses it when possible.

When you visit, we send cookies to your computer. This is just a way for us to remember each other and will make it easier for you to login to the events page and have the freshest content throughout the site. You can clear your cookies on your computer at any time.

Editorial Policy
Girl Camper content is created by Girl Camper writers, experts, Chapter Guides, guest influencers or shared features from outside of the Girl Camper space. Our mission is to educate, inspire and entertain our audiences with the most relevant, timely, informative and fun information. There may be times we share content from a paid partner, but we will always make that clear.

Contact Information:
Should you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected].

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