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Are the women involved in Girl Camping single?

They are a mixed bag of married, widowed, divorced and always single women. Girl Campers come from every background, race, orientation and socioeconomic group. The common denominator is a desire for independent travel, adventure seeking, overcoming challenges and forming new friendships.

What’s the median age of the Girl Campers?

We like to say we’re ageless and not focus on age. We’re getting younger with each adventure. All ages are welcome and there are members in groups ranging in age from 18 to 90. A large portion of women however are at that stage of life where they can focus on themselves and do things they’ve been postponing while working, child rearing and taking care of aging parents. Newly minted empty nesters make up a big portion of the Girl Camping movement.

How often do women go camping?

That varies widely and depends on your stage of life, level of adventure seeking, economic resources, and ability to disconnect. There are single women who spend months on the road at a time and others who are working full time and manage to get away for a few weekends a year. Whatever works for you.

Do people bring their pets?

Yes. Lots of them do. Some groups have restrictions on pets at large group events and ask that they stay at your sites during group dinners. This is at the discretion of the event hostess. When I host an event, I go by whatever the campgrounds rules are.

I don’t know how to tow and it terrifies me. How can I learn?

You are not alone here. The number one most cited reason for not joining the fun is a fear of towing. I’ve addressed this on the podcast a few times but will say here that towing is a skill set you just have to learn. It is not dangerous. If it was Uhaul would not give everyone who walks in the door with a valid driver’s license and watches a fifteen minute video a trailer to drive away with. Their insurance companies wouldn’t let them! But you can do it!  And we have lots of towing rescources in our Camping 101 section.

Do I need a travel trailer to be a Girl Camper?

No! There’s no wrong way to “camp like a girl!” If you already own a trailer and are looking for friends to camp with, that’s great! If you are looking at all the fun and want to be part of it but don’t know the first thing about trailers, it’s alright. Find a group near you and sign up for a camp out. Rent a cabin at the campground, borrow a tent, convert your minivan to a camper for the weekend, bunk with a friend or rent an RV. Just get started.

How do I find a group near me?

To find a group near you visit our Girl Camper Chapters page  Send us a note at [email protected] if you’d like to become a Guide or co-host an event.

Does everyone have a vintage trailer?

No. Some groups have members who love vintage trailers and they tend to get photographed more which makes it seem as if the whole movement is made up of vintage trailers. There are
lots of new trailers, family trailers, old pop ups, motorhomes and vans in the girl camping movement. The one thing that many campers have in common is the desire to make whatever they are camping in feel like home. Whether it’s a pretty bedspread or a whole renovation, Girl Camper trailers tend to reflect their owners personality.

I see a lot of party themed camp outs and dress up events in some of the groups. I’m more of a hiking kind of girl. Are all of these groups party themed?

No. The majority of Girl Camping groups are women who are camping, hiking, kayaking, Dutch oven cooking, fly fishing and enjoying the outdoors. The big party-themed campouts are so much fun, but not the norm. Within groups you will see event descriptions that will tell you what kind of trip it is. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, and are interested in hosting an event, email us at [email protected].

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