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Every day there are families whose lives are changed forever when their child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or injury.

Parents feel an overwhelming amount of stress as they try to balance their desire to care for their child’s health needs with their day to day life — jobs, bills to pay and siblings to care for. At best, a parent may be given a short family leave or have some vacation time, but those options can be quickly exhausted. Work disruption, unpaid leaves, increased expenses and decreased income leave many families unable to meet their basic needs.

HoldYou Foundation was created to provide compassionate care for these families by lifting their financial burdens so they can focus on what matters most — holding and healing their child. HoldYou’s mission is to provide financial assistance to families in needs who have a child facing a life-threatening illness or injury; to hold the parents’ financial burdens so they can devote time to the care of their child.

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