Have you ever dreamed a really big dream? A dream that wouldn’t make sense to most people? Have you ever thought of just chucking it?  Quitting your job, selling your house, retiring early and hitting the road for a year or two?  Leslie Abbott of southern California did and within one year of dreaming the dream, she made it happen. She retired early, sold her house and bought a Class C motor home and set out to see the country and connect with old friends.

Leslie’s Minnie Winnie and her tow car at Yosemite.

She’s on today’s podcast talking about what propelled the dream, the steps she took to make it happen, the obstacles along the way both and how she overcame them.

Life is good for Leslie in her new home on wheels.

Leslie has now been on the road for nine months. Long enough to have some wisdom about the full time RV lifestyle. She’s learning about her rig along the way and herself as well. Leslie chose her model because she wanted to be able to have company. Two weeks after setting out Leslie had her first guests. Her parents  flew from North Carolina to the southwest to meet her and fulfill their dream of seeing the Grand Canyon.

It gave Leslie great pleasure to host her parents at the Grand Canyon and see her Dad fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing it.

She ventured north from there enjoying time with her sister and one of her nephews in the Ice Fields of Canada. Leslie is not traveling with a strict itinerary but rather a general idea of when she’d like to be by a certain time. When she left California she knew she wanted to spend the fall in New England and she did.

The Bay of Fundy at low tide.


In Central Park with her nephew Will.

To hear Leslie’s interview you can click the arrow below.




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