Looking for a different way to cook good food at the campground? From steamed vegetables, to lasagna to fresh baked bread, in this episode of the podcast you can learn how as Lesa McDermott introduces Gustaf Lunden from Omnia Stovetop Ovens. Gustaf shares his background and the inception of Omnia, tracing its roots back to a marketing agency collaboration nearly two decades ago. He explains the concept of the Omnia stovetop oven, a versatile three-part design ideal for outdoor cooking and baking.

Gustaf discusses his camping experiences, emphasizing the allure of fresh, outdoor-baked food like lasagna and bread. He highlights the Omnia oven’s adaptability to various heat sources and its popularity among overlanders and RV enthusiasts. We also touch on accessories like silicone liners and baking racks, enhancing convenience and cooking options.

Gustaf underscores the supportive community around Omnia products, with users sharing recipes and tips online. Lesa encourages listeners to explore Omnia’s website, offering a special discount code for a free oven for a limited time.

To get your own Omnia Stovetop Oven, please visit Omnia’s website.

To watch the video of this podcast, check it out on the Girl Camper YouTube Channel.

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