You may have noticed the Charter F e-bike as one of the prizes in our recent Girl Camper Charity Sweepstakes.  Several Girl Camper guides were able to test ride it and I’ve been dying to write a review on it because it ticks so many boxes for being a great e-bike to take camping. 

For one, it is lightweight coming in at 35 pounds.  Most e-bikes weigh twice that amount.  Second, it’s foldable, making transporting and storing it a breeze.  It easily fits in the backseat or trunk of most cars.  And because it’s light weight, many bike racks can accommodate it. 

The Charter F has seven speeds and three levels of electric pedal assist: low, medium and high.  What does pedal assist mean?  Well, when you hop on and start pedaling and need a little help going uphill, pedal assist kicks in and gives it to you.   The bike can go up to 20 mph and has a 250 watt rear hub motor. 

It’s also easy to get on as it’s step over height is only 23”.  There is an easy-to-read display on the handlebar that shows what assistance level you are in and remaining battery life.  Speaking of battery, it is a 36-volt Samsung rechargeable battery that is housed in the seat post.  You can go up to 40 miles per charge and the battery recharges in 2-6 hours. 

All Buzz Bikes come with a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on the aluminum frames.  Service isn’t an issue either because Buzz Bikes, based in Dayton, Ohio, is part of the Huffy Bicycle Company, which has an extensive service network across the country.    

Another reason I like this bike is the company’s commitment to honeybees.  My brother raises bees and I love honey.  I also know that the honeybee population is in serious decline.  So, when a company like Buzz Bikes has a program called Operation Honeybee it needs to be applauded.  With each purchase of a new Charter F e-bike, Buzz Bikes gives $50  toward adopting an Operation Honeybee beehive through their Adopt-A-Hive program. Customers will receive notification of their adoption and a jar of honey from their hive. Each donation helps create a better future by increasing pollination and saving bees using proven sustainable methods, including not feeding them sugar or corn syrup.

The Charter F e-bike is the perfect bike on trails and for tooling around the campground.  They are reasonably priced at only $999 which includes free shipping.  They are only sold online, so check them out at   Looking for a more robust e-bike?  Look at Buzz’s Cerana with it’s 24” 3” wide tires or the Cerana T (trike) or the Centris which combines fat tires with a foldable bike feature.  I’m also in love with Buzz’s new electric scooter the Hex. 

Interested in learning more about e-bikes?  Check out my article in the Girl Camper Magazine Spring 2022 issue “All About E-Bikes.”  I’ll see you around the campfire!

 Lesa McDermott |Girl Camper Guide to South Dakota & Wyoming

       Girl Camper Executive Team

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